Reviews Comments: Bad Prose suits the Series

Bad Prose suits the Series
The Twilight series has some of the most shocking and appalling writing I have ever had the misfortune to read - except maybe for Christopher Paolini and his Inheritance Cycle. But for Twilight, the horrible prose actually suits it. The Twilight books are in the first-person perspective of Bella, who is a high school teenage girl. And the prose works, because it looks like it's been written by a high school teenage girl (no offense to you teenage girls who are competent writers). The bad prose adds to Bella's perspective.

Although this does not save the book from it's turgid plot and empty characterization.


In other words, the horrid prose is actually an example of Fridge Brilliance?
comment #15849 seg162 18th Aug 12
Er... {Fridge Brilliance}}.
comment #15850 seg162 18th Aug 12
Comparing "Twilight" to the "Inheritance Cycle" (in terms of being bad)? Really??? Wow unless I read the entire series wrong, the Inheritance Cycle was way better than Twilight. What're your problems with it??
comment #23450 FullBlast 12th Mar 14

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