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Reviews Comments: It's a DEVIL show now! Wizards Of Waverly Place whole series review by Manwiththe Plan

One of the most recognized and popular series on the Disney Channel today, Wizards Of Waverly Place was, quite frankly, a mediocre series to begin with. It was basically your average Disney teen sitcom with a Harry Potter gimmick. In the first season, the plots and characters were average at best but the wizard world they set up makes little to no sense, especially the rulings of the Wizard Council. The question of why only a single wizard in a family can keep their magic powers is barely adressed or analyzed, and when it was adressed in the third season....well, we'll get to that. Nevertheless, the first season did manage to be entertaining at times.

The second season is where the show peaked; it was actually pretty damn good here. As the actors got better in their roles, the characters became more interesting and engaging, Alex and Justin in particular. Dropping the stereotypical Alpha Bitch character Gigi in favor of making Alex more "evil", and letting Harper in on the wizard secret were good moves in my opinion. The storylines were more enjoyable too, such as the "Saving Wiztech" two-parter, the "Wizards vs Vampires" episodes, and of course, The Movie that premired after the end of the season.

Then the third season came and...the show just got awful. The writers began attempting serious story arcs that lasted a number of episodes, Mason Greyback was introduced and Juliet was Put On A Bus To Hell in those awful Vampires and Werewolves episodes, the characters all becamed Flanderized into Jerkasses who can't seem to function normally in life without being mean spirited idiots, the tone got needlessly Darker And Edgier, the humor became unfunny, and did I mention that THE STORIES ARE AWFUL? The Stevie story arc and the third season finale/fourth season premeire story were the worst of all. I'm glad the fourth season is going to be the last because at this point I don't give a damn who becomes the family wizard and would rather see a Kill Em All Ending.

Overall, the first two seasons and the movie are reccomended. The third and fourth seasons can burn in TV Hell.


  • lemonfreak92
  • 10th Dec 11
Devil show? Dude, you're on crack. A show that has bad writing doesn't become "evil" or whatever you're suggesting with the ridiculous title.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 10th Dec 11
^ "It's a DEVIL show!" is a little reference that only I'm going to get.

But I'd argue that the writing of the show HAS become evil. A show becomes repugnant and ammoral when the entire cast of protagonists become unpleasent people who can literally get away with murder and it's Played For Laughs.

If this was a dark comedy from the start, it'd be acceptable. But it wasn't; it was a friggin' Disney sitcom!
  • Frankiefoster
  • 10th Dec 11
You're right...I hate the show now and don't give a flying fuck who becomes the damn wizard. Bet it'll be all three in a cop-out ending.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 15th Jan 12
^ Not all three, but there was a cop-out. Justin rightfully won the contest but gave the victory to Alex out of some sense of guilt, yet Justin still gets to be a wizard due to Professor Crums transfering his powers to him and making him the new Wiztech headmaster, and only Max gets to stay a muggle who runs the family sandwhich shop. While that last part is satisfying (seeing as Max was byfar the worst of the lot when it comes to being an amoral Jerkass), the rest of it was terribly contrived and even if the Russos are now a happy family again, it's still not a happy ending because the Wizard Council still stays in power of this Crapsack World and will no doubt go on to ruin more families with their stupid rules and tests. Why couldn't Stevie's plan have succeeded again?
  • Spinosegnosaurus77
  • 9th Jun 12
  • fourteenwings
  • 10th Jun 12
Agreed on all points, especially everybody becoming unlikable. The Wizarding World always annoyed me, none of it ever made sense and episodes contradicted each other. Then there were the one-off additions to provide some 'drama' (The Wizarding power switch, which isn't ever seen or mentioned again, even in the finale where everything is disappearing you'd assume they'd give it a mention...)

The entire Wizard Powers thing made little sense; Why have more than one kid? Why not help the person whose trying to stop families from ripping each other apart?
  • RobbieRotten
  • 13th Jan 14
I do not agree at all, but i would hate to an argument on a year old review. But I find the 3rd and 4 seasons to be the best and the reason why this is the best Disney sitcom (of the DCLAU). The story got complex, the main character was well developed and not evil (i don't get Tv tropes obsession with that, really) and the acting was not as over the top as usual, and i liked how it al lwent in the ending, as Alex won due to her actually helping someone and it was written in a way that made it seem like Alex deserved.

Though i do think the Stevie storyline should have been cut to avoid this kind of thing, as it added nothing to the overall story of the show.

Be honest, did anyone a Disney sitcom to get reviews like this? Usually, these shows gety a "it sucks, the end", rightfully so. Here? Nope.
  • MFM
  • 13th Jan 14
I just want to say that I find it hilarious that the "DCLAU" is actually a thing.

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