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Inheritance Cycle is Brain Candy
The Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini, is literally Star Wars in Middle Earth, with some good old Wizards of Earthsea thrown in to the mix. And Dragon Riders of Pern. And probably a ton of other fantasy and sci-fi works that "inspired" Paolini. It's not really explained until the end of Inheritence why exactly Galbatorix is evil. Eragon rejoices in violent battles, describing them as "exhilarating", and is pretty obviously an author avatar. It's not particularly good writing. BUT I still liked the series. It's entertaining to read about the fictional land of Alagaesia and all of its game-breaking characters. Not only that, but each book is better than the previous, and it's nice to see Paolini grow as an author. Brisingr steered the series away from Star Wars, and Inheritance finally fixed the sociopathic tendencies of Eragon and made Galbatorix's evilness more than an informed trait. An elf, and then later Galbatorix, turns himself into a nuclear bomb and detonates himself. HE DETONATES HIMSELF. And while yes, there were times where I groaned at the Deus Ex Machinas and all the new powers as the plot demands, I still found myself enjoying this series. The Inheritance Cycle is brain candy, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just watch out for cavities and brush and floss regularly.
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