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Reviews Comments: Funny, smart, touching AND meta Girls Next Door whole series review by The Exegesis Fairy

If you like Labyrinth/Phantom of the Opera/Pirates of the Caribbean/Les Miserables/some combination of the above, you will like this. It's sweet, it's sharp, it's hysterically funny, the art is great and you get sucked right in, never to return. It's a spin-off of Roommates, but it branches into its own storyline fairly quickly. It focuses on Sarah (of Labyrinth) and Christine (of Phantom), both of whom are interesting, well-rounded characters, and walk he fine line between their canon personalities and awareness of how strange their world is.

It has developed from a gag-a-day into complex storylines and multiple subplots without ever losing its sense of humour or irreverence, and the UST (most notably between Jareth and Sarah) is to die for. It lets the characters break out of the expectations of their storylines while still being themselves, and it does it brilliantly.

It's everything you could want in a webcomic, and you should go read it now.

And the best part? Even if you only have a vague awareness of who most of the characters are, it's still entertaining.

"I wish the goblins would come and take me to read Girls Next Door. Right. Now."


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