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Reviews Comments: Nothing Special, But Enjoyable Nonetheless Asura Cryin whole series review by arrowstorm

I'd be lying if I said this was a great show. At best, it's above average. At worst I wonder why I'm still watching.

Asura Cryin's biggest flaw is that those epic moments of awesomeness which pull a series out of the pool of mediocrity are few and far between, and they fail just as often as they succeed. Narm rears its ugly head (for me at least, in one scene particularly) and the plot is a tad confusing at times.

Unfortunately, I can't just write it off as bad and leave it at that because I actually enjoyed the majority of it. Foreshadowing may have been a bit lacking but the plot (when you can make heads or tails of it) was decent enough and engaging enough to draw me in. Characters developed nicely and their back stories were passable.

As for its flaws… Hand waves and minor plot holes abound and quite frankly things become more melodramatic than dramatic. Epicness starts to fade and is replaced by boredom at the same thing being repeated over and over. The action is sadly lacking after the first few episodes, since what happens then is the same thing that happens in every single fight. Perhaps my biggest problem with it is that the things which I thought were epic and awesome were understated and marginalised. The back story was never properly explained (it received a passing remark or two; that was about it) and by the end it was lacking in… substance.

But to stop listing common faults it wasn't really that bad of a show, it had some memorable moments and it was decent all around when it wasn't tripping over itself and it's important to remember Your Mileage May Vary. Watch it if you feel like it and can't find anything better, but you're not missing out if you don't.


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