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Reviews Comments: Needs new blood The Big Bang Theory whole series review by Spider Fan 14

I used to really like this series, most notably the second season. But, around the end of third or fourth season I noticed this show sinking abit. The nerdiness seemed to be toned down in favor of sex and relationship jokes and the characters have become too cartoony to feel like the real people in the first couple of episodes. In addition to the cartooniness there is also people like Leonard and Sheldon who have become douches to people and in general the show feels snarkier and more shooting for cheap jokes, forgoing "Laughing with you" to "Laughing at you". Maybe its because of the ratings, but the show seems too cushy and somewhat stagnant. Not really much changed for improvement like Raj's speech impediment, Howard's mother dependency (Which is now almost opedial and poured into his relationship with Bernadette), Sheldon's increasingly childish behavior, ect. The positive changes would be the Penny/Bernadette/Amy friendship, Howard's relationship in general with Bernadette and Amy in general. Overall, there needs to be new ways to tell stories, bold changes, make us really care about the show.


  • GildedATM
  • 23rd Nov 11
people like Leonard and Sheldon who have become douches to people

Are you implying Sheldon wasn't a douche before? ;)

But yeah, I grew tired past the second season.
  • ILoveDogs
  • 28th Nov 11
I've always liked this show.

Frankly, Amy's the best thing that could have happened to the show. Probably in my top two favorite characters.
  • Philbert
  • 28th Nov 11
I still enjoy it for the most part but I agree that Sheldon is getting more and more annoying and is rapidly descending into Flanderization. Still, I like Penny and Leonard and really wish they'd go ahead and get them back together again because it's obvious that's where they are going (see Joe and Helen in "Wings.") I agree that that Bernadette and Amy Farah Fowler have been positive for the show overall. This is what, the fifth season? We need some better storylines to take us up to the series end in a couple of years.

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