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Reviews Comments: An Honest Work Of A Growing Author Inheritance Cycle whole series review by moviepyr 0

The Inheritance Cycle is not great literature, nor does it strive to be. What it is, is a fun read by a young author. The series has amassed a massive Hate Dumb which spends more time bitching about the series than the series' fans spend reading it. Yes, some of the earlier characterization could've used work. Yes, the series has many similarities to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. So do many, many other stories. The Cycle's not the most original story, but that doesn't make it a bad one. The series succeeds as a fun, lengthly A Boy And His X story with exciting action scenes and a well-plotted story. Additionally, Paolini's writing quality improves a lot with each book, particularly with the final book Inheritance.


  • Wryte
  • 21st Nov 11
"Nor does it strive to be"? Have you not heard Paolini talk about this series? He absolutely believes he's written a grand epic, and he hasn't been "young" since the first book. The guy's 28 now, for trope's sake. Saying many other stories have similarities to Star Wars too is downright disingenuous: the plots of the first two books are lifted virtually wholesale straight out of A New Hope and Empire, and the third book doesn't even have a plot to speak of. Paolini's skill has improved in some aspects, worsened in some others, but largely has stayed the same. He still has the same glaring problems with bad pacing, purple prose, and broken continuity. For example, according to the forward of Inheritance Saphira's egg was in Arya's possession for "five-and-twenty years" before it came to Eragon, but according to Brisingr, Eragon's mother died while Brom was still trying to retrieve the egg for the Varden. Now since Eragon is "five-and-ten years" old, that means his mother died ten years before he was born. This is a huge inconsistency, and most certainly not the mark of a good writer.
  • melloncollie
  • 9th Jan 12


"Additionally, Paolini's writing quality improves a lot with each book, particularly with the final book Inheritance."

Sure, it's technically better, but still shit.

Someday you will come back to this "fun read" and say to yourself, "how the hell did I miss the creepy self-centeredness and empathy fails?"

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