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Reviews Comments: The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To Me Real Life game review by Zalsburry

This is definitely the best series ever. There are some people who want to quit playing this wonderful game, and I just can't get into their head. Sure I have my days where the absurd NP Cs annoy me or the School Sidequests stress me out, but I realize in Real Life, any and all drawbacks are just temporary. It's like being afflicted with dizzy gas in another game; if something is slowing you down in Real Life, isn't that just for the time being? Are you sure you won't be right as rain after sleeping and restoring your HP?

Sometimes I like to just sit back at the keyboard and marvel at the gorgeous graphics of this game. Every character is beautiful in their own way, with loving detail and so many variable lines that you wouldn't notice unless you took time to stop and see the scenery. Real Life has brought me absolutely everything I love and cherish, temporary as it may be. I want you all to sit back and think...why am I playing this game? Why am I in the universe of Real Life? Isn't it because we want to have fun and enjoy ourselves? Isn't that the motivation behind everything we do? I think so, and Real Life agrees with me.

With all of its Game Mods, Strict Rules, Anti-cheating measures and whatever else, Real Life is an even playing field for a fair and fun time for all. Some start the game worse off than others, but there is always a chance for anybody to be happy while playing Real Life. When I consider the alternative to playing Real Life, I shudder and give another thank you to whatever power put me in this game.

Real Life is wonderful and nothing could ever replace it. 90001/10. Thank you for your time, and never quit this game. I know I won't.


  • Teraus
  • 22nd Nov 11
I agree (seriously).
  • GildedATM
  • 22nd Nov 11
but there is always a chance for anybody to be happy while playing Real Life
It's a bit harder to have fun playing the game when you have to slowly grind out experience as a subsistence farmer class in the Nigeria level, aware that at any time a glitch could hit and destroy your account.

That's why it's a great idea to help those players. A pretty popular NPC told people to do that, but he got nailed to a tree when the devs wanted to get his plotline over; I forgot why.
  • eveil
  • 22nd Nov 11
That's why it's a great idea to help those players.

What, why?
  • kay4today
  • 23rd Nov 11
^Because you get a shitload of experience points. Obviously.

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