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Reviews Comments: Last Child of Krypton Last Child of Krypton fanfic review by marusaia

This was really a rather interesting read.

"Last Child of Krypton" is not the first Evangelion fanfic to blend NGE with the DC Universe (nor even the first to cast Shinji in the role of Superman), but it did do an admirable job of it. Shinji is believable as Superman. It's one of those things that seems like it shouldn't be able to work, yet it does. The first half in particular has a lot of very well written scenes, the most notable in my mind being where Asuka and Kaji take a commercial jet over to Japan instead of riding on the "Over the Rainbow," the plane malfunctions, and Superman/Shinji prevents it from crashing. Quite the way for the two to meet, if I do say so myself.

Gradually, other characters from the DC Universe are introduced. In some cases this felt better executed than others; the appearance of Batman in the story was nothing less than amazing. The appearance of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and various other figures were interesting, but a little out of left field; and while it makes sense that they are there, the entrance of the villains had me cocking my head, despite the fact that I still enjoyed the story as a whole. YMMV, and the author himself acknowledges that it would have benefited from a longer editing process.

This one is well worth reading, on all of its own merits. If nothing else at all, it provides an introduction into Chuckman's other works, for which I will be creating entries once I figure out how this thing works...


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