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Reviews Comments: Great Characters, acceptable otherwise Bleach whole series review by Morgulion

My concern for the story has been concisely summarized above, so I shall not go into it. It is, however, my main point of dislike. What I find the best aspect of bleach is the variety of great characters; if you have a preference, rest assured, you will find it. From Blood Knight Kenpachi Zaraki, to Badass Grandpa Yamamoto, the characters are well fleshed-out, realistic, and very interesting, with excellent backstories for mosti f not lal of them. Admittedly, Aizen can seem broken at times, and some of the characters do carry an Idiot Ball at times, or are subject to the Worf Effect, but they are a minority.

Overall: Story:Mediocre

Art: Excellent



  • Anaheyla
  • 10th Mar 10
I completely agree. As well, this seems to be the general consensus in the forums I frequent.

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