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Reviews Comments: Far from the worst thing to come out of Gundam (a look at episodes 1-6) Mobile Suit Gundam AGE episode/issue review by Steam

I'm just going to say this outright: a lot of the criticisms of Gundam AGE are nothing more than kneejerk reactions because herpderp, Hino and character designs. And Gundam AGE is turning out to be a hell of a lot better than a lot of angry neckbeards would have expected, and although I can't say anything for the story as a whole, the initial six episodes are perfectly fine. In them we get introduced to probably the most important people in the initial cast and, more importantly, the world of the Advance Generation. We see just how the UE operate (and much to my enjoyment they don't feel like a rehash of a faction from a previous show) along with Flit's growth from just a prodigy mech designer towards being a real soldier and Captain Grodek's awesome antics.

I like the scale the story has right now. The story is starting small, with fairly basic mobile suits mostly armed with little more than popguns seeing as how damaging they are, which is good. As the century goes by we'll be able to see the technology become more advanced; that was a problem I really had with Gundam SEED and it's very rapid technological advancement. Heck, the Gundam doesn't even have its beam saber yet! The AGE builder also isn't being spammed in every episode, which is nice. Instead of rushing through the set pieces, as the battlefield changes Flit has to adapt his Gundam, and in fact his crisis of needing more close-range weaponry seen in episode 6 (which was never an issue) looks to be what births the Titus parts.

As for the characters, well who isn't to like? My only real complaint is I want to see Largan do more. He almost seemed like he was going to be the story's ace pilot character in the first episode, but now he seems more regulated to some kind of mechanic position. It's unfortunate, really. I also like what it looks like they'll be doing with Desil. As someone on /m/ pointed out, if Flit were to have an older rival, it would probably amount to being some evil variant of Woolf, a UE ace pilot. Giving us a younger, better, more confident, and also downright smug bastard of a rival for Flit just amps up the tension between them.

So then. Is AGE perfect? Hahahaha, no. No Gundam series deserves that title. But it's entertaining and it's trying to do something new and I appreciate that.


  • Zerozaki
  • 21st Nov 11
The actions are extremely childish, the gun shoots rainbow like beams that twists. What more can you possibly want in gundamnit this sucks. It's like the show intends to focus on younger audience this time, like other children aimed mecha shows. You can expect that from it's air time, but it seriously disappointed many fans. There's no devastating stale atmosphere present anymore, the protag lacks ideology, everyone gets happy ending. I don't care if your sense tells you it's awesome. It is just too different from the gundam series. Heck, G gundam looks like a masterpiece now.
  • encrypted12345
  • 21st Nov 11
... Since when was blackmail and selling government secrets childish? There's also the feeling that in the end, it is still a Crapsack world with fake peace. Besides, I could have sworn Gundam beams have always been pink.
  • Steam
  • 24th Nov 11
"The actions are extremely childish"

Compared to what? Examples, please.

"he gun shoots rainbow like beams that twists"

The beam color is uniform and this isn't even the first time we've gotten shots that spin.

"There's no devastating stale atmosphere present anymore, the protag lacks ideology, everyone gets happy ending"

The UE are enemies, the Federation's shown to still be corrupt, Flit's got plenty of personality and it's not all angsting all the time, and the story's not even over so how can you say everyone gets a happy ending?

"Heck, G gundam looks like a masterpiece now. "

G Gundam *is* a masterpiece.

Anyways, if you're going to criticize AGE, Zerozaki, by all means go ahead. But for the love of God don't just use vague phrases without any real examples justifying it.
  • luislucas
  • 4th Dec 11
I agree with the review; the series isn't bad, and it does have some fantastic concepts. For starters, the UE is possibly one of the best enemies in the franchise; mysterious, intelligent and extremely pragmatic, they are powerful adversaries. They make the idea of a long war extremely believable, and having several different protagonists is an unexpected, but fascinating concept, and has the potential to set itself apart from the other series.

However I have to point out a few problems with the execution of the series, which does appear to be very weak; For example, the story is too focused (an ideal per episode) and too predictable, which is a big problem because the story progresses along very slowly, making the series appear cliche and boring. This influences the characterization, which can end up ruining important moments. The most visible example is Emily, whose actions seem designed to make her the scrappy of this series (alarming tendency to stand still in the face of danger, being given way too much screen time just to say that she doesn't want Flint to pilot making her seem devoid of any other personality, etc.), but even the other characters have a notable one track mind.

In short, AGE probably isn't a good series, but I have to agree with you in that it isn't as bad as the "fans" make it seem, and especially not due to the points that are usually brought up (being shallow, a rip-off of other series, etc).
  • iridium248
  • 25th Dec 11
Alas, while I want to like this show, I've been soured on it a lot.

The designs are fairly terrible, and the morality of the series is increasingly black-and-white; Not to mention how incredibly silly the Faradin arc was.

My main complaint is that it's written like a JRPG, not a Gundam series. Also, everyone fawns over Flit like the Messiah...Which is actually true, but still rather annoying. AGE is not as offensively bad as Destiny, but the naysayers are right; It's a pretty mediocre series at best, and a grind to watch at worse. There's no 'hook', no interesting characters or even good effects to keep the viewer entertained...It fails to create any anticipation, and the battles thus far are depressingly bland.

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