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Reviews Comments: Ed-straordinary Ed Edd N Eddy whole series review by Liu Meow

Even though very little of the supernatural or fantastic ever comes to Peach Creek, this unique and witty show itself manages to be extraordinary. In its impressively long run, "Ed, Edd n Eddy" managed not to succumb to Seasonal Rot, a feat there is definitely something to be said for. The humor stayed fresh, the show kept its focus, and the characters in fact became even more colorful over time.

With Gentle Giant Ed as the brawn; good-natured and neurotic Edd as the brain; and fiesty, ambitious Eddy as the willpower and leader; the "Eds" are a well-oiled machine that can weather whatever life has to throw at them (in the meantime stumbling out of their own blunders). Even though they couldn't be more different from each other, and they have the most clashing personalities, the boys still find common ground and stay the best of friends.

Much more than a simple cartoon, "Ed, Edd n Eddy" is a story that all ages can enjoy—three inseperable young friends and their quest to obtain the two things every kid wants: candy and the acceptance of their peers.


  • 16th Nov 11
I agree whole-heartedly. The dynamic characters kept the story fresh for an amazingly long time. Plus, the scam plots were always creative. =D
  • ChaoticTrilby
  • 17th Nov 12
Agreed! There was just something about how the characters all played off of each other - and that didn't just go for the Eds. The rest of the character dynamics were written very well so that, no matter what combination of characters held a conversation, you could almost always see how their particular relationship worked and it made the whole thing feel a little more "real."

Very good show.

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