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Reviews Comments: Weird, But Enjoyable. The Amazing World Of Gumball whole series review by Sizzly Bacon

Cartoon Network's been a roller coaster in terms of quality programming in the past five years. On the positive end of the spectrum, you have Symbionic Titan, Adventure Time, and the Too Good To Last Robotomy. On the negative end, there's stinkers like Almost Naked Animals and The Problem Solverz.

Then there's one strange little show called The Amazing World Of Gumball. To say the least, it's a pleasant show with some good moments in it.

It's hard to describe this show in less than 400 words, so...

The main character is a blue cat named Gumball, and his "brother," a goldfish named Darwin. Every episode relies on their little misadventures.

The show reminds me of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, with how the characters are animated against live-action backgrounds. If you're not familiar with the style, it might throw you off at first. I think that it's an interesting art form for animation, but not something that should be abused, which this show doesn't.

My favorite episode has to be "The Goons." Gumball's little sister, Anais, who is a genius, wants to be stupid like her dad and brothers. Eventually, they win her over, and Gumball gets jealous. To settle things, they have a race of several less-than-intelligent characters. The race has some of the funniest moments in cartoon history, including when one character, who is a piece of toast, ends up falling in a pond, where it cuts to live-action ducks eating him.

Characterization isn't too strong, but then again, you can't have everything from a kids' cartoon. Oh how I miss Hey Arnold for all its character development...

It's absurd, outlandish, and unique, and if you're bored on a Monday night, you might as well tune in to Cartoon Network and have a few chuckles.

This wasn't my strongest review, but hey, it's hard to perfectly review anything.


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