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Reviews Comments: Basically Urusei Yatsura, but with more fanservice and less plot. To Love Ru whole series review by Torquey

To put it bluntly, To Love Ru is your cookie-cutter ecchi manga. When it began in 2006, there was nothing extraordinary about the plot. It features the usual beta-male protagonist whose sole purpose is to act as a self-insertion for us beta fans, a variety of beautiful women who are attracted to the beta for an inexplicable reason (well, not totally inexplicable), and a salvageable plot that was never salvaged. Needless to say, had the manga simply ended in 2009, all we would have would be another manga trying to ride the coattails of Kanokon, Love Hina, Ranma One Half, and every other harem manga afterwards.

However, To Love Ru didn't end. After a hiatus due to the artist's complicated marriage, the manga rebooted as To Love Ru Darkness. Among the changes made, the manga became even raunchier (presently, it could be considered borderline hentai), and some effort has been done with the plot. Yeah, the protagonist is still a pussy, but at least one of his love interests is actively trying to get him laid in what she calls "the carnivore plan". While I applaud the idea of the protagonist becoming Makoto Ito without being an asshole, the presentation of said plot seems to paint the love interest as a hypersexual bitch who doesn't care if the protagonist wants to settle down with one woman. No, she wants him to be surrounded with bitches and whores, whether he wants to or not. In a way, it's almost like rape. Except you tropers are fine with it because she's the one on top.

But of course, you awkward otaku, plot comes secondary in this manga. Ass and titties are inserted in the manga whenever possible, even if there is no need for it. That being said, if you want a summary of this review, it would be this: It's okay if you're too beta to look up actual porn. If you're hoping that the plot will improve, then I suggest you quit hoping. Unless they do a deconstruction * , you're just going to get T&A. Live with it.note


  • enigmaticsky
  • 29th Oct 11
I watched the first series of the anime. The 4ish episodes that had something to do with plot and character development were great. When it was stupid-fanservicy fun it was mildly entertaining. When it even tried to do Sci-Fi it just absolutely failed, even if the episode had it in any small amount. If you get to the point where you cheer because there is FINALLY an episode of plot, you would probably be better off watching a better show. I kind of wish I did. If you want nudity, just go watch some h-anime.

The series wasn't totally nonredeemable. The final 2 episodes were a good climax, and I found myself really liking the characters. Darkness was a fantastic throwback to Eve of Black Cat, and I absolutely loved her. The few episodes of character development were appreciated, but I still can't get too close to recommending this series. You could do worse, but yeah. I may check out the second series some day if I'm bored enough.
  • Torquey
  • 29th Oct 11
The second series leaves plot as an afterthought. Seriously, the author is literally playing a game of "how many subtle views of a vagina can I show until my manga gets banned?".

Still shocked that this is a Shonen Jump title. Now I want a Jump Ultimate Stars 2 even more.
  • qtjinla15
  • 5th Dec 11
We're getting more plot now, by small bits. But seriously, the amount of loliconish fanservice is getting creepy.
  • Roraborialis
  • 10th Jan 12
Yeah, Its getting creepy to the point that it almost seems like they are building up to the point where the cheery world falls apart and it becomes a deconstruction. I read Darkness because the tropes page had two sentences of it (And I wondered why... Ohh well, hopefully my extension will help people who come after me.) Every character is slowly being driven more crazy, mostly due to Momos descent into madness, and... Well, how screwed up the harem plan is, (and Yami/Mae having hidden purposes that make them useful, even as traitors. This has the potential to blow a serious hole in the harem plan, and make darkness.... Rather depressing.) The fanservice is going to get worse, since Darkness is now considered 18+ in japan due to some new censorship laws (that came about in part from it, and 6 other manga's creepiness,) so now they have a legal excuse to go further down the rabbit hole, as they have been thrown in one hella deep rabbit hole.
  • qtjinla15
  • 14th Jan 12
Oh god, the nightmares and freaking stuff we will get.
  • FullBlast
  • 18th Mar 14
This pretty much sums most of my thoughts on To Love Ru in general. I hate how the main guy has the "Ecchi Harem manga protagonist PPPPPPOOOOOOOWWWEEERRRR!!!!" which causes Rito's entire freaking body to become a vagina magnet. Seriously, he can't go a freaking chapter without having an accident or situation of some sort where "Oh no crazy random situation results in an awkward HENTAI ending". I'm seriouly hating it!!

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