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Reviews Comments: Prepare to die, and love every second of it. Dark Souls I game review by rex 101111

Remeber a little game by the name of Demon's souls? Remeber how hard that game was?

Well, this is a sequal (in all but name) to that game.

And it's harder. Much harder.

The game places you in a vast open world with interconected areas, all linked together without the slightest bit of louding barring death, and filled to the brim with monsters of varying size and ability to kill you very, very quickly.

Throughout your quest you will gain weapons, armor, shields and magic of great viraity to help you go through this world filled with a burning, undaying wish to end you very messily, and every time you over come a challenge, a new challenge will arrive, waiting to crush you to bits.

Dark Souls is a game that places you in near impossible situations, looks you dead in the eye, and says "Get through this alive". You will die a staggering amout of times for even the slightest bit of progress, for every tiny victory you gain here you probably had about ten times the amount of failures.

But the key word here is NEAR-impossible, Dark souls gives you everything you need to succede, and leaves the rest to you. Any bit of progress or every victory you gained will be deserved purly for the fact that you gained it. This game will make you work your ass off to make it through, and only those with a mind willing to learn will make it through.

Dark Souls, obviously, is not a game for everyone, it is NOT forgiving, even for the most minor mistakes. But, for people wanting an imenss and thrilling challenge, that is also very fair most of the time, this game connot be missed.


  • Ninjat126
  • 29th Jan 12
Sometimes you'll beat a boss or an area in one shot, and you will feel absolutely amazing- and then you'll realise you blazed right down the middle and missed all the items, NP Cs and shortcuts.
  • GoldenAlex
  • 10th Nov 12
Dark Souls is harder than Demons Souls? Wut. -_- Dark Souls is nothing compared to Demons Souls.
  • Scardoll
  • 4th Dec 12
^Some people think it's harder, some people think Demons' Souls is harder.

For what it's worth, I think Dark Souls is harder because you're less mobile.

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