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Reviews Comments: Girl days Girl Days fanfic review by Arrogant Lord

The entire premise is immoral. Ranma who has been indoctrinated with the belief that it is wrong for a man to embrace any qualities stereotypically associated with women, and is constantly trying to reaffirm his gender identity is told by his 'mother' (if she could be called that with her pledge to kill him or force him to kill himself should he be 'unmanly') that he must embrace these qualities. There would be no problem if this were his own decision, but it's not this is being forced on him by someone he recognizes as an authority figure. Overall the entire Ranma 1/2 manga is a source of fridge horror, high octane nightmare fuel, and unfortunate implications so I suppose with such a weak base it is rather naive of me to think that more than one percent of the ranma fanfics would be even half decent. I should probably stop looking through Ranma fanfics entirely or I'll spend all day ranting about the injustice present. I hope anyone who reads this review decides not to read Girl days and decides not to read the manga because while it may give you a short laugh when you think it over you will definitely feel guilty for laughing.


  • Makalaka
  • 20th Feb 12
-_-' If you have such a low opinion of the manga, then why do you even bother reading the fanfiction?

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