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Reviews Comments: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadliest. Deadliest Warrior whole series review by Glixinator

Deadliest Warrior truely is the first show of its ilk. As such a trailblazer it is frought with stumblings and weaknesses, but is also ever changing, ever evolving, taking input and criticism alike in an effort to improve upon itself. With in each season always there are episodes which push the the series to become more than it was before, and between seasons it takes the input of the fans and the critics into consideration in order to plan how to push the improvement of the next season. In the first season it had many historical inaccuracies and missmatches, but even here the show pushed to be more than it was, as it wore on it added modern matches to the mix, and famous individuals as well as the warrior classes of various cultures and times. In the second season, they expanded on the coverage of these factors, and also introduced still more new elements for now they introduced warriors who rode on horseback in battle, with data collected to reflect that, and less effectively those who fought in chariots, and also they introduced the use of seige weaponry, though handled with even less care than the chariot. Historical inaccuries persisted, such as the butted chain, and new ones arose stemming from the new additions, but they were learning. When the third season came along they made even more drastic changes, changes aimed at addressing the problems of the previous seasons. Max left for other tasks, the brought a new programmer and a new sim with him, reducing his role and adding x-factors to the sim in great numbers, with a new host in the third slot as well to give a "warriors" perspective. Now seige weapons would face only other seige weapons, the warriors mental abilities were to be considered, but also would it feature far more named individuals than others, and bearly any ancient warriors, as well as far fewer weapons for each warrior, which was fine for some matches but not others. Though it did bring many other new additions as well, such as testing the weapons in the armour of the warrior, and tesing multiple weapons in combination together. Then of course there is the most controversial episode of the season, vampires vs. zombies. So the show continues to push the envelope, and has improved much, but lost a few things along the way. Still I look forward to seeing what it still has yet to become.


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