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Reviews Comments: Spoiler Free Review About Whether You Should Be Reading This Guilded Age whole series review by Fear Of The Unknown

The title is, well, you know.

This comic is very enjoyable. It's not exactly revolutionary, but it does very well with the usual things. The art is nice to look at, the humor is top notch and approaches lampshading without ever diving right into parody, and the character interactions with each other and setting are interesting in it of themselves.

This review, however, is something of a warning. In Chapter 9, things... change. Depending on why you liked the first few chapters, it may simply be too much for you. I can't say too much about what that change is, but it's enough to upset the setting and severely shake up the story. I

That is not to say things change completely. Everything you liked about the first part comes back and doesn't show any sign of being shunted aside because of the change. Even the plot twist itself hasn't been fully explored yet and it is beginning to appear things may not have been shifted as much as people might think.

So why should you read it? It's witty. It does interesting things with the usual tropes and setting. The characters alone are enough to entertain you.

Why not: Things are going to change. Not totally, and they still aren't done yet, but this it isn't going to be all that pretty when you get to Chapter 9. It's not going to be a simple read.

My recommendation: Read it. Even if you feel ambivalent about a sudden shift in the story, it's good enough to warrant a try.


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