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Reviews Comments: I came for Fanservice, I left with my heart gone yonder. Tangled film/book review by Tuckerscreator

Honestly, I knew that the trailers for the film were likely being misleading (and obnoxiously so.) But even so, I still went, and convinced my family to do so, knowing that even if the movie was dumb, at least I would still have two full hours of barefoot princess.

Foot Focus aside, I loved this movie so very much. I loved the bubbly glow of its protagonist, the genuine development between the leads, the shades of evil they gave its villain, and ultimately the very loving story that championed dreaming and perseverance throughout one's life. I was surprised how warm the film ended up being, and any further attempt to describe more seems to sink into a complete fountain of adjectives. MAGICAL. ADORABLE. AMAZING. Okay, fine, I'll add a legitimate point now.

I liked how the film developed Rapunzel, to be a person who's is eternally eager, but always wanting to put the best intentions first. She's bold, but friendly, and appreciates activities and the happy things in life. She's more visceral of a princess than other characters, and feels like somebody you could really talk to if she existed. No doubt the computer-animation helped with that, but that's what I appreciated the most about the movie, that the characters, while still forward about about emotions, felt like real people.

It felt real to me. That's why I love it so much.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 19th Oct 11
Rapunzel is the best Disney princess to come around in a long time. (Yeah Tiana was...okay, but Rapunzel easily owns her)
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 21st Oct 11
I haven't seen "The Princess and the Frog" yet, though to me the protagonists seem considerably less eager. But I could be wrong. Still, there's Keith David.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 21st Oct 11
^ See it if not soelly for Keith David as the villain. He's lots of fun. So are Prince Naveen and Charlotte Lebouf too.
  • joeyjojo
  • 20th Dec 11
  • TheRealYuma
  • 9th Feb 16
Actually, there\'s a really good reason Rapunzel is barefoot: back in the era in which the movie takes place, barefooted-ness was seen as a sign of enslavement.
  • Bastard1
  • 13th Apr 17
Don't you have more important things to do than write online reviews, Mr. Tarantino?
  • TheRealYuma
  • 31st May 17
Bad joke Bastard 1.

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