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The shooter with personality
Team Fortress 2 has everything for everyone. Chaotic gameplay, brilliant writing, a fantastic artstyle, interesting characters, customization, a fountain of memes, really it's for any gamer. Ever since 2007, Valve has fixed about every complaint about the game. There are bots, about a bajillion maps, items, less bugs, you get the picture. The game BARELY resembles what it was four years ago. The free updates really seal the deal. I mean, any other shooter would make you cough up 10 bucks for a few maps and modes, but tf2 gives you more in a free update. Not only are the updates free, IT IS FREE. How much more could i take?

But there are flaws. Maps might be plentiful, but they feel the same. Capture point, get suitcase, push kart, or to mix it up a little, kill everyone from opposite team. Thats the basic formula of every map in the game(even medieval mode is just CP with melee). Once in a while, an overpowered weapon appears, and you can't wait for it to be nerfed(Sticky Jumper, Tomislav, the level 3 mini sentry exploitation, etc). Also, i get sick of how the entire fanbase would squee when they hear the word hat. Come on, you can't even see yourself wear it, except when you die. Although, these complaints are about as meaningless as any horror movie sequel after 5(in fact, i don't hate hats at all, just how people worship them). Give it a try NOW.It's not perfect, but what is?
Not only are the updates free, IT IS FREE. How much more could i take?

Wait, what? Are you saying TF 2 is free to play now?
comment #10838 eveil 15th Oct 11

Not sure if sarcasm but yes, it is free. Although you probably googled it by now.
comment #10840 McSomeguy 15th Oct 11
I honestly didn't know that. I'll have to try it out sometime.
comment #10844 eveil 15th Oct 11
I am kind of tired of people whining over hats in this game. Hats are merly a way of customization, why remove that?
comment #16289 DaringVonContra 27th Sep 12
I don't like hats because they break up the outline of a character, especially if you're playing sniper or Amby Spy.
comment #16294 Scardoll 27th Sep 12
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