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Reviews Comments: Nearing 30 years, The Simpsons is still one of the funniest animated series on prime time television The Simpsons whole series review by Gatchaman 432

The Simpsons- closing in on its 3rd decade of syndicated hilarity (and occasional disappointment), and there seems to be no end to this milestone-setting juggernaut. And why should there? Like its counterpart, Futurama, it can create some truly heartwarming and depressing moments that will set off massive Mood Whiplash, sometimes when you least expect it. The characters, despite some obvious Flanderization into the personalities everyone knows and loves, have potential to evolve beyond the status quo, taking what they learned throughout the course of the episode to overcome that episode's difficulties.

It is also capable to step beyond the limitations of a animated sitcom, capturing the heart and soul of the genre it parodies. The "Treehouse of Horror" episodes perfectly capture the essence of classic horror, sci-fi, and thriller movies. "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" perfectly reflects the rise and fall of The Beatles, while "Rosebud", as the name implies, retells Citizen Kane by replacing the title character with someone who is absolutely evil. Unlike most animated sitcoms out there, this one knows when to hold the punches, replacing one target with another and making their stereotypes seem less incompetent.

This is one of those rare series that can cope with an art medium that is constantly evolving. When it first started out in 1985, it was remarkably crude-the overbites were practically dangling over their lower jaws, the hair stuck out to ridiculous heights, whenever they laughed, their teeth seemed like they might fly out of their mouth, and the family themselves were massive. As time went on, the overbites were reduced, the characters shrunk in height, and the loose jaws were corrected. Now, the animation is starting to look more modern and fluid, despite copious amounts of Conspicuous CG. But, in time, that conspicuousness will naturally disappear as the animators get used to the new technology.

Over thirty years in syndication, and The Simpsons has made some milestones. It was the second prime-time animated sitcom to appeal to its adult audiences, since [1] in the 1960's. It has surpassed Last Of The Summer Wine and Gunsmoke in the longest-running prime time series in history, yet there seems to be nothing stopping it. And why not? Viva la Simpsons!


  • tublecane
  • 10th Oct 11
"closing in on its 3rd decade of syndicated hilarity"

Isn't it enough to say that it's been on for 22 years? Why jump ahead nearly another decade to make it sound more impressive? So long as you're playing fast and loose, why not whoop up that it has appeared on tv in four different decades! Which is true, since now is 2011 and it started in 1989.

  • marcellX
  • 10th Oct 11
yeah it's a little of a triviality but I remember when the movie came out and they said it's been running for 18 years. I was surprised that the last 12 years passed so fast, felt like a lot less.
  • MagcargoMan
  • 19th Nov 11
  • Exterminatus
  • 18th Jan 12
I was kinda shocked at hearing my History teacher/professor saying that he grew up watching Simpsons and had a profound impact on his humor. He is somewhat approaching 30 and so made me realize just how long Simpsons has gone on and how it helped define my childhood comedy.
  • Patachou
  • 13th Dec 13
The Simpsons started in 1987, not 1985.

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