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Reviews Comments: Can't Wait For Season 2. Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt season review by Apolline Allura

When my girlfriend recommended this show to me, the very synopsis I asked her for hooked me, and I'll never forget her exact words.

"A whore who can turn her panties into guns, and a diabetic goth who can turn her stockings into swords."

Hooked me.

Now, does that make me part of the common denominator? The easily amazed chump who just watched Inuyasha for the first time and gave it a positive review? No.

Why? Becausse the show, and the creators HATE the fucking common denominator. GAINAX always has a greater purpose in mind for their shows, even though they do it mostly for the anime fans. Through all the fanservice and explosions, there's always something better at work, that folks like myself who view fiction through the lens of Popcultural Osmosis can appreciate.

The title characters, with their own idiosyncracies and identities manage to stand out by being magnificent deconstuctions of who they are in varying degrees. Particularly Panty, who I believe there's a large unwarranted amount of hate by the fandom at large because she's such a bitch. SHE'S A BITCH WHO KNOWS SHE IS AND WEARS IT PROUDLY! Instead of it being some foil for some sort of vunerablilty that she drew up out of the usually reasons characters like her would perform the obvious Heel Face Turn later for it, it IS her. She's a brash, stupidly confident, un-slapped filthy trick bitch who is, of all things, an angel. As is the ever-cooler headed Stocking, who plays on aspects of Moe while still ridiculously selfish, and still manages to be as rude (if not even moreso) as her sister. Garterbelt manages to hold these dysfunctional siblings together by being a constant reminder of why the got their assed kicked out of Heaven in the first place, while being that one black character that fades into obscurity who was a gangster at some point in his life, but got called upon to serve higher calling in the name of redemption.

The characters, however, are only one aspect of this series and I seem to have wasted most of my space by gushing about them, so to try and round things out in les than thrity words, the premise is great, the sountrack is awesome, the episodes go from episodic to plot relevant in a heartbeat (though, not as often as one would like), fights exciting, jokes insanely over-the-top and the ending is a rather impressive expert troll by GAINAX.


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