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Reviews Comments: Hmm... The Great Gatsby film/book review by Faramir

The Great Gatsby is interesting. It shows interesting characters, a relatively cynical view at the world, and it makes several noteworthy statements about human nature, love, life, and the like. I liked the story and the characters.

That said, the prose has a tendency to be overly confusing, the characters are often hard to empathize with, the main plot (while interesting to analyse) is not inherently engulfing or attractive, and it has a couple pacing problems when Nick (The Narrator) decides he has to explain to us that his life doesn't revolve around the events and the characters central to the story, and that he has a life too, you know.

I think all in all, the book should be read by people who are interested in language, and people, more than they are interested in flashy Bad Ass characters doing awesome things. Or at least people who are willing to put aside the modern reader's need for theatrically dramatic, action oriented, or even comedy-based writing for the purpose of reading a book that focuses more on social commentary, people, their actions, their consequences, and the reasons for them. The characters are not there for escapism. A decent vocabulary may also help, so any tropers who have had their vocabulary destroyed by this very site could probably benefit from reading it.

While I myself liked the story, I found the book a little too Purple Prose-ish to my tastes, in an adverb-filled way, but it never quite becomes an unbearable problem, and I got used to it as just a stylistic choice after the second chapter. I recommend it highly, but I don't do it because I think people will like it, or because I think that it's an awesome book. I recommend it because I think that reading The Great Gatsby is an experience that people should have, and that everyone can learn something from.

Even if that something is the definition of words such as "supercilious", or "sumptuous" and "romp".


  • CrazyDawg
  • 30th Mar 12
I guess the story is more Purple Prose-ish by today's standards because standards for grammar and vocabulary have changed over time.

"relatively cynical view"? Big understatement.

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