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For a year I waited for some sort of answer, some sort of explanation as to what Decade was all about- someone to tell me what the hell was going on. And then finally Movie War 2010 came out and gave us an answer.

"What about Decade's story?" Wataru: "Decade has no story."

This is actual dialogue and it is actually true.

Decade is a rambling incoherent mess that tries to be an homage and fails through some utterly bizarre choices. The concept for the series is sound- no the concept for the series is awesome. There's a Crisis on Infinite Kamen Riders, and all the worlds are merging together. To save them a lone hero must travel through the worlds of all Riders past, teaming up with his predecessors to save the cosmos. Cool idea, right? But sadly what we got was lackluster.

The first and single biggest problem is that instead of revisiting previous series, Decade goes to Alternate Universes that have the same riders/monsters as the ones we know, but different actors/stories/characters to the point that they're In Name Only. Very few original actors return to reprise their roles- the only one I can remember is Wataru/Kamen Rider Kiva who shows up at the start of the series and in the movie. There are occasional moments when this somehow works out and is awesome -as someone who never watched Kamen Rider Black/RX, I thought his worlds were awesome (another rare case of the original actor reprising the role)- but generally it fell flat.

The second major problem is in how these episodes play out. From the formula you'd expect that our new, young hero, Decade, would travel from world to world, learning from the mature, experienced Riders. But instead, almost every episode is about Decade explaining to other riders why he is more awesome than them and should be doing their job. It doesn't pay respect to them, it just makes Decade look like a bigger asshole.

Those two problems alone ought to be enough to sink the series, but it being Decade, there's more. The series spends almost its entire run on 2-episode ministories and little arc/myth building. By the time they got off their arses and decided to do some plot, the series was over and they needed a movie.

400 words is not enough to detail all the reasons Decade was terrible. But the movie said it best.

Decade has no story.


  • Supnitle
  • 25th Oct 11
Marry me.

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