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Reviews Comments: The Fairly Odd Parents Wishology The Fairly Odd Parents arc review by Chip J

The animated show, The Fairly OddParents may, ironically, be a victim of it's own success with the recent trilogy. One of the strongest points of the film was the genre savvy characterization of Timmy Turner and the character development of FOP's main and secondary characters. The return to the status quo seems really jarring in light of this recent special. Specifically, the mistreatment of Timmy by his parents is not going to fly with me, or with many other FOP fans now. It matters little that the laser guided amnesia is behind this. Mr. and Mrs. Turner's negligence of their own child leaves a very sour taste in my mouth. Timmy made a heroic sacrifice that saved parents AND his fairy godparents (the ones that should have been protecting him)as well as a number of his enemies. By returning to this status quo of abusive parents, it seems especially cruel to Timmy. An example would be the recent FOP episode, Formula for Disaster. In this episode, Crocker decides to have Timmy attend his "military school" to improve his grades (which of course is really another attempt by Crocker to capture Cosmo and Wanda). Upon hearing this, Mr. and Mrs. Turner actually celebrate THEIR OWN SON'S departure by stating that now they have a "spare room" to "rent out". This, of course, ignores the fact that Timmy's parents nearly DID have a spare room because of far more tragic circumstances. Yes, it's "just a cartoon" and played for laughs, but this is probably a grand example of a so called unfunny aneurysm moment. As a result of this, now any ill treatement of Timmy Turner by his Mom and Dad seems harsh and unnecessariy cruel. Hopefully, this will be addressed in a later episode.


  • JewelyJ
  • 19th Nov 09
Exactly I am getting so sick of seeing them act abusive and then having people convince me its 'funny' I'm itching to write a Law and Order SVU crossover where they get in trouble for it. (done Law and order Style and a little real world ism)
  • Snuggie
  • 6th May 11
Opinions. I know. But Wishology was painfully boring and unfunny, and its quite bothersome that the only two reviews for FOP on this site are focused on it. Where are all the REAL FOP fans?
  • AbraSliver
  • 26th Aug 11
Actually I am kind of disappointed by most of the specials and how none of the lessons stick. In fact the number and extremity of the careless wishes he makes seem to increase with each special. Which most show the importance of making good wishes.

"School's Out: The Musical", and the entire 'Kids rule the world'. "Channel Chasers" and not only 'growing up' but also specializing his wishes (just like with the You Doo dolls and the redo watches). "Fairy Idol" and the 'not taking your fairies for granted' (which was dealt with in the episode he wished he was popular).

And then there's Fairy Idol's entire 'Chester knows that Timmy has fairies' plot-hole. Keep in mind that he saw Cosmo and Wanda floating with Timmy and seeing Norm converse with them all, Chester having made the wish to give Norm to Timmy.

And then the episodes that work to establish such lessons in short bursts.
  • MrMallard
  • 26th Oct 11
FOP isn't a serious series. Sure, there's the occasional special that really fleshes out the characters and such, but the series as a whole is meant to be one big, silly farce.

Really, if you're going to take FOP seriously then don't bother watching it.
  • ading
  • 18th May 13
Mr Mallard: After a certain point, a character's unlikability stops being funny-especially for characters that weren't always this way.

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