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Reviews Comments: Xenofiction fans and authors, take note. Wurr whole series review by Corgisaurus

This is just a great comic. The art is wonderful, the world building is excellent, the characters are convincing, and it's clear that the creator did her homework with researching animals. That research is implemented in beautifully subtle ways, often through the character's body language (which reads consistently as canine. Tails, ears, and posture are all used to their full extent, and there's so many great moments where you can read someone's thoughts, emotions, and relationships just by looking at how they hold themselves) and I never felt like my imagination was asked to make unreasonable leaps. The characters are all interesting while still remaining canine, and everyone feels like they have something to contribute to the story, with depths that are waiting to be visited on.

World building, as said before, is excellent, and as with the character's canine behavior the artist does an amazing job of showing instead of telling. The prologue managed to hook my interest right away, and I actually went digging through the creator comments and looking at concept work to get a better idea of the world. I hope that all these little notes work their way fully into the story, as everything is well thought out, from side characters to currency systems.

It says a lot when my only critique is a feminist one, instead of anything in the actual comic. Unfortunately, it is outright impossible for Wurr to pass the Bechdel Test right now. And while Surama is an interesting character, I find myself wishing that we had a few more girls to round out a well written, but largely male cast. Readers who like gender equality and representation may be disappointed at first, and even though the imbalance is never really shoved in our faces, it's still lurking around the corner.

This is still a minor complaint in the face of an amazingly well crafted story. If you like animals or fantasy comics, go read it. It will be time well spent.


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