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Reviews Comments: Great for even non-DBZ fans. Dragon Ball Abridged whole series review by Kashima Kitty

Team Four Star really raised the bar when they made DBZA. I've seen so many abridged series where they simply play the episodes as they are and add stupid, mocking dialog. Some of them don't even bother with sound effects. I can understand the difficulty in the latter, but the fact that TFS takes the time shows the sheer amount of quality they put into theirs.

For the former, Team Four Star takes the time to dig through tons of episodes and splice together the clips to make scenes all the more vivid. Sometimes it causes silly things like disappearing/reappearing scouters, but it's no big deal.

The voices are another thing grabbed me. Very rarely does an abridged show up where the voices are so ear pleasing and well done. Even the one voice I don't particularly like, Krillin's, suits this variation of his character so well. Little Kuriboh giving Frieza a British accent was also a great touch that signifies his sophisticated and effeminate demeanor.

The biggest reason to watch the series in full is it's assortment of brick jokes. If you watch the episodes out of order, certain things may fly over your head, as they're actually the punchlines to a previously mentioned thing. Goku and the "Muffin Button" becomes 10 times funnier if you're aware that he mentioned it in the previous episode, and was told there was no such thing.

As a DBZ fan, it's been a thrill to relive the series without tedious filler. Even when it comes up, it's usually twisted into something far more entertaining, such as Goku's encounter with Princess Snake. It's also great that TFS makes the effort to not only affectionately jab at the series, but still play it through properly. A few creative differences come up but none that hamper the overall understanding of the story.

And I must give big props to Team Four Star. They took the single most boring thing in all of the Dragonball franchise, and turned it into a Crazy Awesome Christmas special. That one in particular deviates from the plot quite a bit, but the general idea is still the same. Nowhere else could I hear "Denounce your faith in Santa Clause!" commanded by a grown man and NOT find it completely cheesy. Bravo.

DBZ fans, DBZ-haters and those who are indifferent can all find something to enjoy in this series. It's a must for anyone who wants to see an affectionate parody done right.


  • ManwiththePlan
  • 28th Sep 11
Agreed 100%. Though when mentioning voices, I'm surprised you didn't mention Lanipator and his dead-on Chris Sabat impressions for Piccolo and Vegeta.
  • KashimaKitty
  • 28th Sep 11
Well I wanted to mention ones that did something different for the characters that the funimation dub didn't. Aside from Goku sounding even more childish and idiotic, most of them were rather spot-on. Plus the 400 "word" limit. Hate that.
  • son
  • 2nd Apr 12
"Aside from Goku sounding even more childish and idiotic"

Krillin's voice is different too, even more cowardly.
  • qtjinla15
  • 3rd Apr 12
Yeah, they play up the buttmonkey angle a little too much at times.
  • Wryte
  • 14th Jun 13
Their voices are so spot-on that I can't watch the original series anymore because everyone sounds wrong!

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