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The Terrible Secret Of Animal Crossing back to reviews
A scary piece of dark fic, but don't read it if you ever want to play the original game again.
My review, like the ones posted before me, is brief: This is the best let's play I have ever read. A let's play of animal crossing through photographs, with nothing bot original in game content, to tell a well written, well planned out story. The tale is full of suspense, horror, and drama, and is one of the most dark deconstructions of any work of fiction I have ever read.

However, it, as other reviewers have said, will stick with you. If you ever go back to play the game again, it will be all you can think about. If you're looking for a scary story, this is the ur example, but beware that this is no holds barred high octane nightmare fuel, doubly so if you played the game.

Hey, I remember you, your the guy that posted that netural review on mlp:fim that got deleated.Glad to see that you didn't get banned.

And yes, I agree, this story is awesome, but like you said, if you ever want to play animal crossing again, reading this fic might not be a such a good idea unless you can overcome the horrific stuff that happens in it.
comment #10585 marston 5th Oct 11
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