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Reviews Comments: School Work in Summer... BLECHH!!! [episode 3] Lonelygirl 15 episode review by Bobby G

The third episode, which as Bree helpfully informs us is also her third video blog, is not available from (the increasingly-unreliable) due to copyright issues, but may be found on YouTube.

This is a fun, lighthearted episode, in which we learn that Bree is homeschooled and see her studying in her bedroom. She reads us some trivia from her highly innaccurate textbooks, and erroneously informs us that the Romans were cannibals. Silly humour is provided by the as-yet unseen character of Daniel, by way of some... interesting editing.

While watching, it occurs to me that Bree was very shrewdly designed. She's cute - certainly cute enough to attract the usual YouTube perverts, as the comments under the video testify - but she's also intellectual, with a love of knowledge; at the same time, her apparent insecurities and self-deprecation make her seem approachable. She's geeky, but not too geeky; a little bumbling, but with the sense of humour to pull it off. In short, the Creators were aware of the YouTube audience of the time, predominantly bored, nerdy teenagers, and they designed a character with that audience very much in mind. This may seem overly analytical of a relatively minor detail, but at this point in the show, the central character was the show's only major selling point. The plot would come later.


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