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While I respect your opinion, and thank you for putting it in the right place, I should add that it took me a couple of reads before I really understood what Dune was trying to convey. Once I got it, it suddenly stopped being difficult to get through and started being a voyage of discovery, in a "find the hidden message" kind of way.
comment #10153 Fighteer 22nd Sep 11
I disagree with you about the first "Dune" novel, which I read in High School (back before the flood) and which I thoroughly enjoyed at the time. I thought it was entertaining and thought-provoking, and not dull at all. However, once I got into the second book, the whole thing took a wrong turn somewhere. I barely made it through "Dune Messiah" and gave up on "Children of Dune" about two chapters in. I have not even attempted to reread that nightmare to this day.
comment #10155 Philbert 22nd Sep 11
^ I second that. While the wandering in the desert bit in Part 2 before they meet the Fremen was boring, I thought the rest of the first Dune book was great. And yes, it is true that being a classic does not automatically make something great; after all, Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings was hated when it first came out. I only read up to Children of Dune because I didn't want to get hit with the Cliffhanger.

I guess you just don't like those types of stories. In Dune, characters thoughts are more important than their speech (hence "dull" dialogue), and the characters are secondary to the plot (hence "uninspiring" characters).
comment #10196 shiro_okami 23rd Sep 11 (edited by: shiro_okami)
I respect the responds from the review above.

Reading it again, it came as a little offensive and angry and I'm sorry. The reason for this was that I just finished the first and second book (again) and the pay off was so, so dissapointed that enraged me.

I have nothing against hidden message, against having thoughs instead of dialogues and characters secondary to the plot (For the first two, take Discworld who is the King of this genre and the second take a look to Jose Saramago) and in fact I can easily enjoy such stories, but it's just that Dune is so utterly boring. It's like watching a Highschool kid reenacting the The Dark Knight Saga but only by learning to the letter the dialogue. Leto I and Lady Jessica are insipide, Duncan Idaho was a dry character and the fights (one of them crucial to the plot) where in the deep end of the meh!. I'm serious, Narnia had better sense of fighting and military than this book ever did.

The fac that it has so many good ideas was what annoyed me.

But what broke the camel back was the Plan of Leto II. I honestly had to throw the book after the first pages of Children of Dune and refused to touch the plot ever since. It's so long, so utterly unveliabable, so insane and just plain silly I... I couldn't ever take serious the series again. I could stomach the utterly lack of sense of scale in sociological and economical levels, his retarded plot from Humans computer, his simplification of the Noble courts and level of powers such Empire would need ot even dream of function, the fact that he treated both Planet Ville and Throw Away Nation of the war with that utterly lack of drama and humanity and even the inane profecy from the walking incubators of the Benne Gesserit (who make's my blood boil just trying to grasp the kind of mind who could concive such utterly stupid, moronic, degradign, irrealistic, insulting diarrhea for Secret conspiracy) but I draw the line in the Emperor Slug and his frak mandrape of Humanity survival deep space society for ignorance.

... ...

Yeah, sorry again. Seriously, it's like just trying to make sense of this pile of spiced shite activate my Berserk Button. Anyway, again I understand that reading it several times could make it better, but unless it has the cure for Alzheimer to save Pterry mind, I couldn't care less.

But Kudos for the fans. It's probably this book that saved Science Fiction as a genre in the sixties and his ideas what had mantained alive for the last 40 years. More power to you and may Science Fiction go on.
comment #10261 Antiguo 25th Sep 11
I kind of get what you say... Dune is not the best written book ever, and it is tedious and boring most the way through. However, I really do think the setting is wonderful and well detailed.

It is definitely overrated... but then again, so is Isaac Asimov and a ton of other sci-fi writers. Oh well.
comment #11078 HandyHandel 27th Oct 11 (edited by: HandyHandel)
Dune was one of the first novels to approach the future as a world not totally unlike our own, with characters, their actions and the repercussions of those actions being far more important than just ideas.

The novel explored experiences that had never been done before. Frank Herbert did in one novel that no one else but Heinlein had even dared to consider, and you consider that overrated?

It may not hold-up as well as it once did, but it's still fully relevant as it has nothing to date it. Personally disagreeing with the philosophy of the work is not adequate reason to completely dismiss it.
comment #12520 BlueMoonMario 27th Jan 12
Thank god I'm not the only person who loathes this book.
comment #18906 Asger 15th Apr 13

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