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Reviews Comments: My god, what a piece of crap Quest For Camelot film/book review by Blackbird Mizu

Everything about this movie is just... awful. Just, awful. It was really hard to sit through this movie. It really could've been a cool fantasy adventure movie, but instead it ended up a lousy Disney rip-off. Where do I even begin? For starts, the main character, Kaley. The writers try to make her SEEM like a strong, Action Girl who can take care of herself, but they never actually show this. What we get is a whiny dumbass who can't do anything on her own. She talks about wanting to be a knight, but when she finally gets her first chance to do something important, what does she do? She runs away. Some Mooks are chasing her and she makes no effort whatsoever to fight them off or outsmart them. She doesn't even get much tougher as the movie progresses.

When she's in the forest, she has no idea what she's doing. She ends up tagging along with a blind hermit named Garrett, who is the ONLY good character in the movie. He has fighting skills, he has an interesting story, he's not an idiot, and he actually has some funny and witty lines from time to time. He's also the only one who ever shows any kind of Character Development. I feel like Kayley was dead weight to him the whole time because she didn't contribute anything useful to the trip, and in fact only put him in danger because he kept having to rescue her. The movie only gets worse when they come across an annoying two-headed dragon who sing an insufferably bad song and make pop culture references, reminiscent of the Genie from Disney's Alladin.

The animation would've been BEAUTIFUL... If it weren't for the eye-raping, obvious CGI. The 2D animation is really nice, but they just HAD to use really bad CGI in several of the scenes. The songs range from good to just downright awful. The Villain Song was like a mediocre poem at BEST, and at worst? Don't make me think about it! The best song was "The Prayer", but the film wastes it by putting it in a scene that didn't fit the tone of the song. (they sing it while Kayley is being chased by half-man, half-weapon Mooks... Seriously?)

There's really nothing good about this movie. Well, except Garrett, but even he isn't cool enough to be worth sitting through this awful piece of animated cinema. Just stay far away from this, okay?


  • murex
  • 27th Nov 11
I disagree. I thought the movie was pretty good, at least as a kid and preteen (perhaps if I watched it now my opinion would change). The animation is good and some of the music is awesome. As for Kayley running away, she didn't have much of a choice, as I remember—she wasn't strong enough to fight all those mooks, so her choice was between staying and getting captured, or running and getting help. I found most of the characters likeable and the plot interesting, although a lot of that is subjective.

Don't get me wrong, Quest for Camelot isn't nearly as good as most Disney fare, but I don't think it's as awful as you describe it.
  • 7th Feb 12
It has weaknesses but there were some potential. If executed properly Ruber could have been a genuinely menacing villain (the guy beats a dragon to death with his bare hands, grabs a flail mid swing, and the bit where he cuts the tapestry as Kayley as being dragged is genuinely chilling. Also the way he says "I hear your still single" to the wife of the man he murdered was a genuinely clever kick the dog moment. If Kayley had slowly gained strength and skill as the movie progressed than the final fight could have had more gravitas (during the fight Ruber is asking if she really thinks she can be the great knight her father was.)
  • EarlOfSandvich
  • 7th Feb 12
To think I used to enjoy it as a kid, but I have to agree in retrospect. But yeah, it really does pain me to say that it really is quite a bit of wasted potential (like it would have been Darker And Edgier before Executive Meddling set in, IIRC). Also, there are things that are just painful to hear nowadays (Devon and Cornwall comes to mind, as well as Jaleel White's character: "Do ya feel clucky? Well, do ya punk?"). It is little wonder that "The Prayer", originally in the film, outlasted its source material in terms of being memorable.

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