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Reviews Comments: A heartwarming series for all ages AND genders. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic season review by Kashima Kitty

Despite the stigma that the series receives from those who dislike the hype surrounding it, there is a clear reason for it. One would normally expect the name My Little Pony to be a glittery, cheesy show that only little girls could enjoy.

Dead. Wrong.

If you didn't know any better, you could believe you were watching something made for boys, or girls, or anyone. It's mostly female cast are well rounded enough to avoid the stereotypes of overly girly shows, well developed enough to the point that even male adults (like this troper) can enjoy it without it feeling like a guilty pleasure.

In a world where many a modern cartoon thrives on Comedic Sociopathy (lookin' at you Spongebob) this show stands above it all to bring us likeable characters who actually learn a lesson once in a while, instead of parodying or ignoring them. As mentioned in another review around here, these lessons rarely feel forced, and are usually the kind of traditional values (be yourself) that are severely lacking in recent cartoons.

The animation isn't spectacular for it's time, but it does it's job of being eye-catching and memorable. Much of it looks like it could be done by anyone on a computer.

If this troper could name the biggest complaint he found with the series so far (aside from the Cutie Mark Crusaders) it would be the Executive Veto that prevented the entirety of the series from being as the first two episodes were. Many cartoons these days prefer random, every day nonsense that can be aired in any order, so it's usually a treat to see a show go with a serious, continuing plot. If the series as it is now is this great, it's clear we were only given a taste of what could have been, in those first two episodes...

So in short, if you're looking for a pleasing and heartwarming show with traditional values that doesn't thrive on sadism and Butt Monkeys, don't let the fandom hype steer you away from this modern day gem.


  • enloss
  • 20th Sep 11
One think I need to point out: That rumor about the Executive Veto was actually false. Lauren Faust said in an interview that the plan was never to have a series entirely of overarching plots or to be a Magical Gir- er Pony Show, but rather there were plans for more "adventure" episodes akin to "Dragonshy".

That's really all I can add to it though, otherwise a nice review that kept fairly neutral about the whole thing.

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