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Reviews Comments: Start Viewing from a Neutral Point for Best Results My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic season review by Godzillawolf

I'll begin this the same as before. This show is best began from a neutral point of view. First purge all ideas of "this is and girls'/kids' show so I'll hate it" from your mind, its really not JUST written as either of those. Then completely ignore the hype you probably encountered on the internet, this is important as it can taint your viewing experience. Being cautiously optimistic about it is probably the best mindset to be in. Now you're ready to watch the first season.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is a great show if you begin watching it the right way. The characters are far more rounded and likeable than many cartoons I've seen in recent memory and the plots are well written and enjoyable, letting the characters work off each other. There is an aesop each episode, but the show does a good job to avoid slamming it in your face (and when it DOES, it's normally parodied, like Pinkie Pie's song in "Over The Barrel"). Its witty and I often do laugh at the jokes and feel the emotion it is trying to convey. It doesn't need a lot of dirty humor to be funny, so its good for kids, though there are still adult bonuses thrown in that will likely go over most kids heads but not stand out enough to distract them, which is how those should be. Overall, the first season was very enjoyable and one of the best cartoons on TV now in my personal opinion. I have high hopes for the second season.

Now, I must address something. This show does have a very pronounced minority that are very pushy and rather unpleasent, which have sadly given the rest of us fans a bad name. While I do love this show, a pet peeve of mine is when people refuse to accept someone else has different views on the show than them. I understand this show isn't for everyone, that's with every work of fiction that's ever existed and ever will exist. I respect you if you don't like the show, so please be respectful of those that do like the show. I know some members of this fandom take it too far, but please don't judge every fan based on them.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is a great show, but I caution you to start watching it from a neutral base, cautiously optimistic of the show. Neither believing you'll hate it or absorbed in the hype. Let your expectations grow and change with your viewing, that way you'll probably not be disappointed.


  • MasterZero
  • 18th Sep 11
This is probably the best advice there is. Its what I did for the show, and now I'm a big fan who loves the show.
  • Godzillawolf
  • 18th Sep 11
Thanks, I'm glad you agree with me.
  • marston
  • 19th Sep 11
I agree as well. This is one of the best kids shows we've gotten in a while.Hating on it and it's fans as well for liking it without even watching it is not cool, but bashing people who don't like it AND are respectful towards fans is also a dick move. Sometimes I really wish that people would just go their separate ways and leave each other alone, but the internet is full of these kind of arguements, so sadly that won't be happing any time soon,if at all. That being said, nice review.
  • Arachnos
  • 11th Oct 11
Fullheartedly agreed. Despite the name "My Little Pony" I have firmly decided to watch it with an open mind. 10 episodes done and counting, I'm steadily becoming a fan.

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