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A damn funny man
The Spoony Experiment is an unique site, different from the rants of That Guy or the more technical complaints of Linkara is probably the most deadpan of internet reviewers, with a focus on MSTing and terrible, terrible puns. The show also benefits from hitting pretty much everything, from Movies to Games to Weird, other stuff. His references are pretty clever and numerous, and if your a nerd, i.e. troper, check his goddamn site out.

He is part of the gigantic Channel Awesome, so expect crossovers with his best buddy Linkara, and his psuedo-boss the Nostalgia Critic, for extreme amounts of funny. His vlogs may not have the same amount of humor as his reviews, but he presents things in a fairly balanced light, so even if you disagree with his opinion, you don't think the man's completely nuts.

At least amusing, and often hilarious, you owe yourself to check out this internet sensation, hell, if Yahtzee liked him, you've got to give it a try.


If you hate Yahtzee ignore the last sentence of the review. Spoony is nothing like Yahtzee so don't be scared off by his recomendation.
comment #1204 Darkblade 30th Oct 09
I meant that even if a cruel, bitter and hateful man like Ben Croshaw liked it, it's in the top percentile of quality.
comment #1207 Phrederic 30th Oct 09
Yeah, I mean here is a man who poked holes in every game he reviewed save for portal. And he has only minimal critisism for spoony.
comment #1304 Reg Shoe 15th Nov 09
I like Spoony because he's as funny as Linkara and TGWTG, but he's also very much himself. (Like many others on the site, for example Jew-Wario, Little Miss Gamer etc.). I mean, he has characters, but when he's Spoony, he's Spoony. This is why I really like his Vlogs.
comment #1349 Gerkuman 21st Nov 09
how is yahtzee hateful?
comment #1887 ryal 19th Feb 10
He's full of hate. Yahtzee is the god of Accentuate The Negative. He likes very little things. That's not bad, its his thing. But being funny enough to actually get Yahtzee to like you? That is a huge mark in the mans favor. Also, he's the funniest man on the internet. So that's something.
comment #1889 Phrederic 20th Feb 10
Link to Yahtzee expressing an opinion on Spoony?
comment #1903 BornIn1142 22nd Feb 10
Here, read and enjoy.
comment #1905 Phrederic 22nd Feb 10

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