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Reviews Comments: The Warning and the Place in History Nineteen Eighty Four film/book review by Ailedhoo

1984 found itself a position of the most notable: litrature critics observing this book and Animal Farm will note the similar styles of how both the former's Oceania and the titled farm of the later. Let while Animal Farm was the demonstration of the rise to power of Stalin's expy as done in a very grand style, 1984 is the demonstration of those living under such toterian rule lived... done also in a very grand style. The book's influence served as a warning, with critics of the US goverment noting links with the military missions of the US Defence Spending and the Ministury of Peace, while fear of a rising totalism of the USSR remained. Even today after the passing of the USSR, North Korea shows itself to been styled after this book's nature and CCTV does leave worry for some.

That is the influence and waring of the book. Now... is its place in history worthy?

The book is told through the eyes of Winston Smith. This is not only in contrast with a general third person narrative of Animal Farm but also demonstrates the difference of story: 1984 is from experience of living under a toterain dictatorship. The pacing allows understanding, the use of teleescreans are a very scary Harsher In Hindsight and the ending secrence is one of the most visual observations of how far a power based system would go in dehumanising its own people. The ending (which I guess even those who have not read the book are aware of) has proven itself with the brainwashing occuring in the Korean War and the current nature of the North Korean dictatorship.

That said the book does have some things that may not be for all. The pacing is good and gentle but may turn off some. The world being a contest between 3 evil forces may prove itself unreal and rather a producer of apathy for the reader, though keep in mind this was written in the Cold War where the world looked like it was going to be doomed in one way or another. Fianlly the message of Animal Farm (that dictatorships are bad and exstreams leads to evil actions) may seem to be repeated in this.

That said the work pacing is well enough and characturs are well done, even the vile nature of the Party has a shocking elerment to it. However attention must be bought to the ending: after thee ending what appears to be a observation of a PAST New Speak is shown: sign that the dicatorship fall or what? Confusses even critics!


  • tublecane
  • 21st Sep 11
"Let while Animal Farm was the demonstration of the rise to power of Stalin's expy"

That's not an expy. "Expy" refers to characters transported from other works of fiction. When you take them from Real Life it's called "roman a clef" (French for "novel with a key").
  • Ailedhoo
  • 21st Sep 11
Ok. Thank you.
  • Camacan
  • 7th Oct 11
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