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Reviews Comments: Good but Far from Perfect Thor film/book review by Alma Karma

To start things off, I will admit I haven't read too much of the comics, but the reason being is that I was worried that they would butcher Norse Mythology, which I am a fan of. However, after seeing this film I much more interested in these comics.

I'm not going to go too in detail of this movie, but it was enjoyable. Much of the mythology was good, though obviously changed up a bit. The acting was great, and I find Chris and Tom do a good job together as Thor and Loki. The effects where nice, especially for Asgard and Jothunhiem. There was also many memorable jokes and scenes, and I loved the references to the other Avengers movies.

The story wasn't the greatest thing I've seen, but once again it was enjoyable and fun to watch. The romance subplot did seem rushed, while cute at times. The stinger also got me a bit hyped up for the Avengers movie that is coming out.

All in all, it was good but not great. It did it's job to get people a bit more familiar with Thor for the Avengers movie, as well as being pretty much advertisement for both that and the comics.


  • Tuckerscreator
  • 5th Jun 12
Out of curiosity, how was the film's treatment of the mythology? What'd they change, what did they nod to, what did they expand, and what did they adapt faithfully? I myself only know the basics of Norse mythology, and haven't watched all of this film.

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