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Reviews Comments: It's a love it or hate it kind of game. Myst game review by Final Survivor

Myst is a love it or hate it type of game. I mean several things when I say this, and I'll start with some of the things I liked about the game.

First, this game is of an extremely high quality in story and detail. You can tell significant effort was put into designing each world, and small details throughout the game tell the story in a striking, memorable way.

Second, without secondary sources, Myst is very challenging and open ended. You are thrust into the story in medias res, with only a short intro to clue you in to whats going on, in which you are then thrust into a rather open ended area, with almost no hints on what to do next. The game makes no bones with demanding you explore and learn the story on your own, and without photographic memory taking notes is almost a necessity to complete the game. This difficulty, though, I found to be pleasantly challenging, with everything being solvable with clues provided in game.

Third, The game varies from other adventure games by having a focus on puzzle solving and logic. You have no inventory, and you won't miss it. All puzzles can be solved with nothing more than attention to details, investigation, or logic. I found this a positive turn from games which require you to rub items together until something occurs.

However, the game does have some major problems that can't be overlooked.

First, the game looks dated now. What in the 1990s was cutting edge 3D now looks rough and jagged, and the old quicktime videos have not aged well. There was a 2003 remake called realMyst that did improve upon the graphics, however, if you find this to be a legitimate issue.

Second, the game does require backtracking in order to complete the game, which you should be, if you took notes, able to do in only a few minutes.

Third, there is a deal breaker area, which, not to spoil anything, involves a mineshaft and much self loathing. It qualifies as an extreme example of that one level, and has caused most players who actually reach the area to quit out of rage. However, if you find a challenge to be irresistable, then this is no issue.

In short, the game is very fun, but also very challenging. If you're a hardcore adventure buff, this is THE game to play, even with its old age. If you're not, then this game may be too difficult or dated, and that's fine as well.


  • Eyclonus
  • 31st Oct 12
I agree with your points, but the mineshaft isn't that hard, unless you did the Selentic Age before Mechanical Age. I have a feeling I'm the only person who went that route.
  • satannstuff
  • 25th Feb 15
In the latest remake there's an achievement for navigating that cavern without backtracking. Since I did that age right after the Mechanical Age, I did it without making even one mistake. Of course the first time I did it in the original Myst I mapped it out, but I didn't mind that at all.
  • SpectralTime
  • 25th Feb 15
I did Mechanical last, because I kept missing that stuff in front of the clock tower.

...Seriously, getting in and out of Selentic can both do something non-specifically degrading.

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