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Incomplete Awesomeness

To be frank, this is one of the most disappointing series I have ever viewed. Why, you ask? Well it's not because the plot was well written or the art consistently of good quality. Nor was it because the voice acting was reasonable, nor because of the great characterisation. No, the reason that this series disappointed me is because it has no ending.

That's right, you heard me: NO ENDING.

I am aware that the plot is concluded in the manga and that nothing is stopping me from going and seeing which member of the love dodecahedron 'won' but, goddammit, I shouldn't have to! If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. And doing something well means seeing it through to the end!

But I digress. Apart from my rather obvious Berserk Button where this show is concerned, Ichigo 100% proved to be a surprising good view for someone who had only skimmed the summary. As I mentioned, it is very well written, from my point-of-view at least. Each character gets fleshed out at some point, and the result is an entertaining cast of well-rounded characters. Admittedly the protagonist caused me quite a few 'What An Idiot' moments and I'll admit that the Fan Service was an unwanted intrusion on my part, but in my mind that doesn't detract from the story.

Although it's obviously a harem anime, I was rather surprised at how each character was equally waited (or close enough), with plenty of Will They Or Wont They moments between the protagonist and each member of the cast. Towards the end of the series, things start to heat up, an old character is shown in a new light and a new member of the cast/harem appears. And then the series ends. My rage above is quite understandable now, isn't it?

Whether they ran out of time, money, or there just wasn't enough support, this is ultimately an incomplete show which is doomed to remain incomplete. If you can handle that, or if you don't mind looking to the manga to pick up the slack, then I'd strongly recommend this for you. Hell, even if the conclusion (or lack thereof) bothers you as much as it did me, if you're a fan of this kind of show then pick it up. You'll probably enjoy it. After that I assure you that the rage will wear off eventually.

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