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Really good! Read it, especially if you like the 20s!
I liked this book a lot. I've currently been trying to read all the classics I possibly can, so one of them was this book. The characters are interesting and the book made me think. It is well written and kept me interested, which I was surprised by because I generally don't like anything with a plot like that. My favorite characters were Gatsby and Jordan. This is a really good book and I'd recommend it to anyone.
Perhaps you would like to elaborate? I enjoyed the book as well, but what did the book make you think about? How did the book keep you interested? Why are your favorite characters an obsessive stalker and a lying bitch? Explain, man! You have 400 words to work with!
comment #9780 Torquey 9th Sep 11
Yeah, I agree. A review should be more in depth.

comment #25114 MHMhasf1998 5th Jul 14
I read it. It was just okay IMO.
comment #25120 ElectricNova 5th Jul 14
"Yeah, I agree. A review should be more in depth."

It was written in 2011. If the review is bad, you should have just left it to die.
comment #25122 Atha 5th Jul 14
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