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Reviews Comments: Scenery Gorn: The Movie Two Thousand Twelve film/book review by Real Sindri

If you like Scenery Gorn, you will love 2012. Buildings fall apart, cities sink into the sea, a big badass volcano erupts, everything; the movie completely averts Trailers Always Lie, except that there are no space ships. Seriously, no other movie has more destruction than this one. Michael Bay would be proud.

There's not much to say about the plot or the characters; for the most part, they aren't annoying, they don't take too much focus away from the explosions and disasters, and some of them are even quite funny or awesome. 2012 even manages to create some seriously heartwarming moments.

The only thing that really annoys me about this movie is the ending. Not just because it seemingly goes on forever, but also because many characters who were shown to be not so bad after all just get killed. Why? Because Roland Emmerich doesn't like them, I guess. It couldn't be more blatant if Jason Statham would just appear out of nowhere and kill half the main cast, really. If it was for me, that's exactly what would have happened: Jason Statham kills everyone, someone says "rich people suck!", the whole thing takes 2 minutes and includes a kung fu fight.

tl;dr aside from the ending, 2012 rocks.


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