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Reviews Comments: this?!? Monsters Vs Aliens episode review by Fulcon

When I bought Monsters vs Aliens, I honestly didn't think I'd be impressed beyond any comedy value that Mv A brought. I thought it was something the younger ones could enjoy and I could use it as brownie points to earn extra time on the Wii while they were watching the movie (Metroid Prime takes a while to beat on %100).

I was wrong. I was very dead wrong.

I actually paid more attention to the movie than any my younger siblings. I was engaged in it's extremely interesting plot and character development of the monsters, mostly Susan (or 'Ginormica'). The gags were funny, don't get me wrong, but the action scenes, animation, voice acting and the DRAMA (of all things) were done very, very well. I was amazed. I was stunned.

The characters, as I said before, are very well done. Susan's problems are handled very believably, shown that her new size comes with some very unfortunant side-effects (she could accidentally squish any of her family members on accident and nearly kisses her boyfriends head off). She's my favorite character. She's a female protagonist...that was actually done very, very well. She's not a Jerk Sue and she is not slutty (unlike most hollywood female protagonists that I could name) and her personality is, shall I say it, Three-Dimensional.

That isn't to say the rest of the characters arn't. Dr. Cockroach? Brilliant. Believable. FUNNY. You can easily tell he has a lot of intelligence behind him, and it's believable (even if making a supercomputer from several pizza boxes, a can of hairspray and a paperclip isn't) The Missing Link and B.O.B are great too, and I love General Monger. Even the Villain seems three dimensional. The whole reason behind his schemes is implied to be, wait. That would really be spoiling. The only character I would accuse of being two-dimensional is The President, but he's funny.

The only flaw that I can see in this film is that they try a little too hard on some of the jokes, thus making it too over the top to be funny for This Troper.

It is, really, an excellent film with almost no flaws except for a couple of over done gags. Buy it, and display it PROMINENTLY.

The only question is...How are they going to stop the nukes that were launched during the credits?


  • Sijo
  • 18th Oct 09
How to spell "prominently"?

Sorry couldn't resist. :D

But yeah, I liked MVA more than I expected too. I expected a silly comedy with Shout Outs to old monster movies- and it's got them; but it's also got amazing production values, from the animation (and 3D effects) to the character development. It's not perfect- it's a little too absurd in places, and the way Susan turned out to be powerful enough to defeat Galaxar and his minions (almost) on her own felt forced, but what the heck, it's a cartoon, so Rule Of Funny applies. The prequel was cool too and I can't wait to see the Halloween Special! Even the rumored TV series would be good. But do it NOW while it's still "hot", don't wait years to put out comics and merchandise out like Pixar did with The Incredibles! (Hmm... The Incredibles... and The Monsters? Sounds like a fanfic waiting to happen! ;) )
  • Aurum-Femina
  • 29th Mar 10
I agree. I enjoyed the characters very much. They were very engaging for me. Susan is definitely near the top for my favorite animated heroines. Personally, though, I don't think these are the kind of characters to be in a feature film, as it limits them to only one storyline. A weekly series seems more appropriate. Which luckily enough is happening. And I look forward to it. :)
  • CleverPun
  • 28th Sep 10
Seconded; the movie is funny, but the level of polish and detail really elevates things.

I don't know if I can support the series though- I mean, as far as character development goes, didn't they cover the important parts?
  • Fulcon
  • 30th Mar 11
There could be some drama as to how the monsters deal with being re-integrated into society. I mean, on top of their own issues, I could see racism being a factor.

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