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Reviews Comments: Fun, cheerful and realistic The Green Hornet film/book review by gerjan

I will say something that will annoy a great many people, but this film is much more realistic then The Dark Knight Saga.

Seth Rogen has analysed the character and come to the logical conclusion that one cannot make something realistic while leaving the subject intact so he made the wonderful decision of splitting him between three characters. If stuck to the original it would have been boring, generic and racist, but this way he lovingly avoids the stagnated love story formula and the unbelievable abilities that comicbook characters all seem to possess. Kato is a genius but lacks any sort of ambition, while not exactly happy to serve the former master of the house he still seems fine with being little more than an overworked mechanic; Case has to face sexual harassment from her boss and while having nothing against him as a person tries to politely ignore most of his remarks, she too is squandering her brilliance why, we don't know and if she feels that we shouldn't then damn it we have no right to pry; last but not least is Reid, who has the energy and the will to actually do what he does, yes he ends up taking the credit but he is called out on it, he messes up quite a lot and is cocky (maybe a parody of a less lucky Spiderman?) but he occasionally has good ideas and when he does then they are noted and they do work out.

Overall the cast was pretty good, Christoph Waltz was delightful and Franco made for a short but memorable appearance, Diaz (whom I actually dislike as an actress) in no way felt out of place. The soundtrack was easily recognisable but enjoyable.

I have to say though that I was slightly saddened that Gondry used the cheeky cartoonish effects only on the endcredits and during the scene in the restaurant. I can see why maybe some people didn't like it, it is camp in a certain way and may offend die-hard fans of the radio-show.

Overall it is cheerful, self-conscious and rather intelligent.


  • Wackd
  • 3rd Mar 12
I liked it to. People always look at me funny when I say this, but as big a fan as I am of the concept and gadgets of the Hornet this film is the first time any of the characters felt like genuine people, which makes it my favorite installment in the franchise by far.
  • JackAlsworth
  • 4th Mar 12
Rogen felt real (although thoroughly unlikable), but Kato really just feels like a stock Hypercompetent Sidekick, and the lack of chemistry between them (or between either of them and Diaz) just made everything feel stilted and awkward to me, which kind of killed the "realistic" aspect.

And I'm completely fine with this movie being more realistic than The Dark Knight, because the high-tech, whiz-bang gadgets would be enough to break anyone's willing suspension of disbelief normally (also, Two-Face), but the character dynamics felt a lot more genuine and interesting, so I was willing to forgive a lot. This didn't happen in The Green Hornet.

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