Reviews Comments: Involving and touching.

Involving and touching.
I could go on and on on how brilliantly the show was planned out, to leave you wanting more at the end of each episode.

It kept me in place for 50+ episodes, and that's something not many shows can do. I actually like how the show takes its time, because that makes all the lies Lelouch tells that much more hard hitting.

Despite how he was responsible for the death of millions, you can't help but feel sorry for him in the end.

On one hand, world peace is achieved, humanity is moving forward and everything seems to be right with the world. On the other, Nunnaly is left without her only source of happiness in the world. (even though she gets better). Shirley first gets her memories wiped, then recovers and dies in Lelouch's arms. Suzaku is left without a friend and without a name. Everyone in the world remembers Lelouch as a tyrant and are glad that he's dead. In the end, Lelouch sacrificed everything he had in order to achieve his goal, and let's not forget that he failed to make a gentler world for Nunnaly.

I would've given this anime a 8/10, if not for the ending, which makes it a perfect 10, because I rarely get the feeling from anime, that characters I've invested in are not getting what they deserve and instead die miserable deaths, unfulfilled wishes crushed as the world continues to turn.


It's too bad the show got a lot worse right after the first season, as if someone just hit a reset button. They're just lucky they made such an extreme and epic ending.
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