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Mushihime-sama Futari for the X-Box 360
Mushihime-sama Futari for the X-Box 360 is a good choice for anyone who likes 2-D shooting games, whether casual or hardcore. If the game is completed by simply continuing repeatedly, then it is very short, so most of the depth in this game comes from practicing to the point that you never get hit and trying to get a good score in all of the gameplay modes.

For those who are new to 2-D shooting games, it has a Novice mode.

  • Region-free
  • Brightly-colored, detailed, and clear visuals so that you can clearly see what is what.
  • Artwork by HACCAN sets itself apart from most other anime-esque artists with its detail, usage of many different colors to create moods, and style that brings across "cuteness" without relying on the typical anime methods of doing so.
  • Multiple gameplay modes, including the newbie-friendly Novice mode, providing plenty of hours of replay value for those who want to test themselves.
  • Diverse music by Manabu Namiki that is good enough to listen to independently of the game.

  • This game is an uncommon import, which means it may be out of stock, and it can only be gotten from certain places like
  • One of the game modes is paid Downloadable Content
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