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Reviews Comments: The writing needs work. Hanna Is Not A Boys Name arc review by Because I Was Bored

Before I begin, I'd like to say this is probably one of the most beautifully drawn comics I've come across in a while. It's lively, dynamic, beautifully colored, and the graphic-design elements flow wonderfully.

However, the comic seems to struggle greatly in the writing department.

Story-wise the premise is simple, with Hanna and the Nameless Zombie working to solve paranormal mysteries (though mostly failing). Each chapter is a new case, and each seems to be leading to a bigger mystery. The way this is done however lacks flow, jumping from one case to the next rather suddenly. Elements from previous cases come and go suddenly, and usually aren't discussed until they come back again - which can be rather jarring. The plot gives off a feeling of being made up as it goes along, and not in a good way.

The characters have a similar problem. While interesting, they're interactions with one another feel stunted and off. A majority of the cast is booted into the story without much development (Toni and Veser come to mind) and the development that occurs in the story doesn't feel quite right. It doesn't feel as though there's a legitimate reason for the characters to be interacting, but that the creator is forcing them to hang around each other like forcing together puzzle pieces that don't fit. The characters haven't really developed much either, and sometimes it feels that I've learn more about them looking at the Valentine's Day cards Ms. Stone makes of them than in the actual comic.

Also, there's a hefty amount of Ho Yay that occurs that, while not a huge aspect of the comic, can come off as pandering and can get annoying after a while.

Overall, it's a decent series - though it's much stronger art-wise than anything else. It does have potential though, and if Ms. Stone were to get a better writer (or a really good editor) it could be something great.


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