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Reviews Comments: Bart the Mother: Great Episode in a Troubled Season The Simpsons episode/issue review by terlwyth

Season: Ten

Showrunner: Mike Scully


Bart the Mother is one I remember well as a classic,although originally a Love It Or Hate It episode,time has very much vindicated it. It has all the heart and drama of an episode you would find in the stereotypical "Golden Age" from 1990-1998 as all the critics and hardcore fans will tell ya'. Admittedly they were right and that Season 9 was the last gold season.However they were wrong to call this season one of the worst and episodes like this one prove it (It's still better than the David Mirkin seasons)

It begins with Bart hanging out with Nelson for some odd reason,Marge being a JerkAss about everything and then Bart accidently killing a mother bird,and while some might consider it sappy,I consider it the one of the few times we see Bart's kind/tender side. But then Marge apologizes and helps Bart raise the two remaining eggs which is good Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming in a season fluctuating between Darker And Edgier and Denser And Wackier. These turn out to be lizards that eat other birds

The rest of the episode lives off of the Marge/Bart relationship which is one of the few of its kind not focused on Homer.But it also has a few good chuckles here and there such as the Fantasy Kitchen Sink segment where Bart gets judged by a flock of birds,and Homer falling down the stairs,and even the overly long list of predators mentioned by Skinner at the very end.

The characterizations are still like the Golden Age what with Lisa not being Al Jeans Black Hole Sue Author Avatar,Mike Scully for once actually putting Homer on the backburner and not a JerkAss,Bart gets his sensitive side shown,Marge is justified,and Troy Mc Clure makes his last appearence.The animation is superb to with the nice yellow,and the fluidity of the lizards Bart raises

This makes for an A,best episode of the season.

Final Note: Season 10 I'd consider troubled because this was where plot-lines began to repeat,Homer got heavily Flanderized, and most of the humor was low-brow.However even with it's stinkers like "Make Room for Lisa","When You Dish Upon a Death Star","Monty Can't Buy Me Love" and "Viva Ned Flanders",it still had episodes like these and they still outnumbered the bad (Wasn't the case the next season)


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