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Reviews Comments: I Don't Hate It Johnny Test whole series review by Teh Fire Shark

Adored By The Network! Advertised on every commercial break! Hated by TV Tropes reviewers! It's . . . JOHNNY TEST! (guitarriff.mp3)

Expectations not to have of this show:

- That it's worthy of CN's adoration

- That it's complex

- That it tries to appeal to adults beyond pointing out cliches (and still playing them straight), and the occasional jokes completely lost on the TV-Y7 audience (like mocking the snobby owners of pedigree dogs)

That's out of the way! Let's watch the show.

First, we notice that there is no Continuity Lockout. New viewers have no trouble picking up the show's basics.

We also notice that the characters are fully one-dimensional. This incites troper rage like nothing else. Yes, each one is a walking cliche. There's the foolish, immature, and somehow-manipulative Johnny, whose impulses cause most of his problems (similar to Timmy Turner's skills at wishing). There's the animal sidekick, Dukey, who is supposed to be saner than Johnny, while still being his friend. There are his twin genius sisters, who lose all their intelligence when faced with their shared crush, Gil (a stock moron). Then there are the parents, who seem to neglect their son, and yet still love him.

So in essence, this show has to be situation-based comedy at its purest. And for variety, the premise is perfect.

So is it funny?

That depends on the viewer. I find it amusing, but it never seems truly hilarious. Its writing could be done by anyone who was given the characters and told to make something up. Not too much care seems put into it; the most obvious jokes for the situation and/or Running Gags take up most of the humor. Occasional parodies of other things or Getting Crap Past The Radar provide most of the real comic value. For example, one episode focuses on Johnny cross-dressing as a Girl Scout, and his parents' reaction is very funny just because Johnny doesn't properly explain why he's doing so. The kiddies will enjoy the screaming, action, and recycled slapstick gags.

It's not good compared to the best kids' shows that appeal to adults. We've seen this all before, the writing and characters are bad compared to some kids' shows, and it really is aimed at 7-10 year olds. If you lose any unrealistic expectations and just watch it as a quick diversion, it can be fun. If you watched it as much as CN showed it, you'd die.


  • Torquey
  • 20th Aug 11
So if I were to compare Cartoon Network's shows to foods, Johnny Test would be the fatty, salt-and-vinegar-flavored potato chips, only eaten when nothing else is available?
  • TehFireShark
  • 21st Aug 11
Pretty much.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 27th Aug 11
Yes sir ee bob.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 3rd Sep 11
The show gives me a heart attack just from the visuals, and the dog is pretty much the only likeable character (but it seems with his new voice actor the likeability is starting to fade rapidly).
  • Patworx
  • 15th Oct 12
It's okay. Nothing special.
  • T4448ight
  • 23rd Dec 12
Even my own kids hate it.
  • ading
  • 30th Apr 13
Dukey might actually be the most unlikable IMO, since despite his alleged role as the Only Sane Man he goes along with everything Johnny or the sisters do anyway.
  • stormtrooper
  • 23rd Oct 14
I used to like it, but then I stopped watching it after the first season. when I saw how much this site hates it I felt offended, until I watched the rest on Netflix, I finally understand now.

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