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Reviews Comments: A cautionary tale Movie Bob whole series review by Caius Caligula

So I was first turned on to Movie Bob by my significant other through The Escapist, and at first, I nodded along. The man made really good points about some of the movies I watched. Not great— he was kind of doing a rush job of what Zero Punctuation did— but good. And then I started watching his reviews. There were superficial problems to begin with...maybe a slip there, maybe an opinionated rant there, but mostly good.

But the "Escape to the Movies" series carried on, and it just got sadder and sadder. He wasn't even reviewing the movies any more, just throwing up straw-man arguments and then knocking them down as opposed to real reviews. He didn't even bother to make valid points any more, just decided seeing the movie and half-assing it was enough. And then came The Big Picture.

Oh, Bob. Bob, Bob, Bob. How could you go so wrong? It was bad enough you were failing everywhere else and calling everyone who didn't agree with you a moron. It was even worse when you uttered the infamous words "We already have a Batman. Why do we need Daniel Craig's James Bond?" in one of your columns, completely ignoring why that question was already answered. But when Big Picture showed not only a lack of knowledge on the topics you'd decided to discuss but a lack of knowledge in the laws of physics and reality, as well as history and everything else (e.g. your video "Conspiracy Weary"), that was it. You became a train wreck, something to watch to see which stupid points you made without researching them every week.

Would you blame JJ Abrams for the work of people he's worked with? Would you say that David Yates directed four of the Harry Potter movies? Would you rant for two whole columns on personal strawmen and how tastes aren't subjective and yours are the correct ones? Defend the horror that was One More Day, or the misogyny-fest that was Other M? Whining about how every movie isn't a masterpiece but should strive to be? Your hypocrisy regarding your own job? You're like Rush Limbaugh, only Rush is actually funny when he rants unfoundedly and spews idiotic streams of bile at everything in range.

It's time to hang it up, Bob. You're not even a joke any more. It stopped being funny, and watching you fail week after week is getting boring. Please, go. I'm sure the Escapist can get a trained monkey to do your job.


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