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The Problem Solverz is amazing
From the first episode, I was charmed by The Problem Solverz. The writing is smart, funny, and the characters are truly lovable. First we have Horace, a young man just looking to make a difference, Roba, a half-robot boy full of anxiety and self-consciousness, and Alfe, a dog-man who's good intentions often get overshadowed by his impulsive personality. Each of them is their own character, and the show makes that clear, they're fun to watch as a group and full of personality. The same can be said of the animation and background art. Not many shows are as truly fearless as The Problem Solverz, they don't hold back when it comes to art, and they don't worry about convention, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The fact that the art seems so uninhibited gives the show it's own life, and a presence that's completely new and original. The art style used puts character into everything, the buildings, the background characters and even the sky all have distinct personalities, all of which are never boring. This show takes 2D animation to a place it hasn't before, and gives me hope for more 2D creations in the future. Each episode is clever, wacky and downright enjoyable, the plots are always refreshing and unpredictable in a way that makes the viewer crave more. The mix of loveable characters, smart writing and completely original, exciting plots makes you want to see how the characters will react to whatever crazy adventure they stumble into next. All in all, this is fabulous show with a lot of heart. The people who work on this show really care about it, and it shines though, brilliantly.


You're being sarcastic, aren't you?
comment #9394 Frankiefoster 22nd Aug 11
Not at all.
comment #12602 Shannon 1st Feb 12
Seen it, hate it. The animation is terrible, its unfunny and not all that original.
comment #12612 qtjinla15 1st Feb 12
How much do they pay you to do this review?

comment #13153 handlere 10th Mar 12
You... have very unique tastes.
comment #13352 Mrsagyig 20th Mar 12

comment #13353 Wackd 20th Mar 12
I'm shocked, perplexed, angered, and a bit annoyed by how terrible this show truly is.
comment #13355 qtjinla15 20th Mar 12
I'm simply a fan. If you honestly think this show is bad, you're probably too shocked by it not looking like you're used to to be able to review it clearly.
comment #18490 Shannon 14th Mar 13
I don't mind the art style. But the jokes are rather weak, and the characters don't have that much thought put into them.
comment #18496 Awesomekid42 15th Mar 13
Granted, I don't think the writing is as good as Adventure Time or The Regular Show, but it's passable and I personally really, really like its art direction. It's tragic how much of a love-it-or-hate-it kind of show this is.
comment #21230 Wombatus 22nd Sep 13

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