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Reviews Comments: A Good Idea...With Bad Writing X Men Evolution whole series review by Kereea

Don't get me wrong. This is an amzing series and was a major into for me to X-Men. However, the biggest problem with the series is that it cannot be taken too seriously at any one point, only as a whole. This series has insanely long entires on the Draco In Leather Pants, Ron The Death Eater, Alternate Character Interpretation, and Relationship Writing Fumble pages becuase the wirting was just so inconsistent. Lance(Avalanche) ran three or four alignments. Why did the character fluctuate so badly? There were 2 main reasons:

A) The Romantic Plot Tumor reason:
  • The show, being set in High School where mutants were only outed halfway through, started with a Wake Up Go To School Save The World style, with more School than World-Saving (one gets the idea that they were trying to build up relationships with the community so we'd see them tested when mutants were outed). Since there was more School than World-Saving, we got to deal with the inveitable Love Triangle and UST tropes of teen dramas. this wouldn's have bene as bad, except the creators didn't know when we should root for something:
    • Lance/Kitty: In his intro and 2/3s of season one, Lance was a Jerkass who displayed mild attraction to Kitty. Then in season 2 he started as a Jerkwith A Heart Of Gold and went between there and Jerkass as needed (Joyride being the most confusing).
    • Jean/Scott/Rogue: Got tough becuase of scott's Single Target Sexuality for Jean, both Jean and Scott getting bad writing, and Rogue being the Ensamble Darkhorse and only getting another Love Intrest in the fourth to last episode (his last apparence).

B)The "The Plot Needs this" Excuse:
  • People were derailed for purpose of plot (helloooo Joyride!) all the time. Wolverine was fair or too tough depending on the plot. Scott was normal or a stick in the mud Dot P. Lance was good or evil Dot P. Other examples of what varied: Kitty's ditziness, Kurt's insecurity, Mystique's instability, Todd's level of jerkass, if Pietro was at all sympathetic, Jean's Ice Queen -ish-ness (rare, but a few bad scenes...), and whether the brotherhood as a whole wre villains or pathetic.

Since there's all this inconcistancy, fanfic writers pick as they please and ignore the rest. Every Leather Pants or Death Eater could be justifed with the right episode...and debunked by another. That made this the most confusing fandom ever.


  • terlwyth
  • 22nd Aug 11
Wolverine is a Gruff Uncle,and everyone knows Gruff Uncles can be either fair or too tough at times and most of the time it was justified the chagnes

Lance was actually consistent in being a hot-headed rebel and attracted to Kitty (save two Out Of Character Moments in Episode 2 and 6),it's all reasonable Character Development. In Season One he just a rebel,but not necessarily evil but rather an Anti-Scott he did however always like Kitty though it was on the backburner in favor of his rivalry with Scott By Season 2 he finally decided to act on the other part and somehow it became requited (that part wasn't thought well),where maybe originally he was a JerkAss but Kitty being the Morality Pet triggered a few things. The episode Joyride put both into conflict. Off and on the rivalry with Scott and relation with Kitty battled and got worse until Season 3 where it was too much,though by that time to an extent he Became The Mask.

And Pietro was never sympathetic

Mystique isn't inconsistent either,at first she was actually competent and stable and LOOKED different,but then in the first season finale she was betrayed by Magneto and fell into that machine (this is also a godd in-universe justification for the different look).After that its all Flanderization

I'll give ya' Scott and Jean though,they really do change depending on the episode,as does Spyke,Magneto,Xavier,and Tabitha.

Todd and Blob are consistently Flat Characters

Most of the changes are not "inconsistent" but rather based off tiny details you have to really look for otherwise like the Duncan/Jean thing you'd think it was just Derailing Love Interets rather than already being a problem from day one and that's how the whole show is.

And Kurt is pretty consistently insecure,and the Valley Girl trait was clearly a test run for Kitty that got scrapped from negative reception.

As long as Season 2,Episode 4 and Season 2,Episode 2 aren't acknowledged,the writing isn't really bad,moreso irritating.
  • terlwyth
  • 22nd Aug 11

  • BlackbirdMizu
  • 27th Sep 11
Eh, I'll have to question your claim of "character derailment". I don't really see it. Kitty's ditziness doesn't really change, the only thing was that her Valley Girl talk was dropped after season one or so. Kurt's insecurity was pretty consistent, don't know what you're talking about there. Same thing with Mystique and Todd, their characters have been pretty consistent. I also can't recall Pietro being portrayed in a sympathetic light. Many of the other villains have been, but never Pietro.
  • ablackraptor
  • 3rd Dec 13

No, he's right about Lance. He didn't express any romantic interest in Kitty until Season 2, where his Jerkass personality disappeared. Then he regained it in Season 3, and Season 4 showed him as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. No character development there, just inconsistency. Its not an 'Out-of-Character Moment' if its their first bloody appearances, and behaviour they display for the majority of their appearances (hell, he only displays attraction to Kitty in five episodes, and only does anything sympathetic in six (five if you don't count deleted scenes); so really, the attraction to Kitty is the 'Out-of-Character Moment').

You're right about the other things, but this is definitely something he's got a point in.

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